Talk Atos: Presentation of the company and information about their scholarships

This talk took place on 29 in November of 2017 . . . → Read more

Novagecko Talk: Things that I would have liked to learn when I was at the University

Abel Torres talks about technical issues or aspects on management of projects that had to learn how to finish the race and start your business project . . . → Read more

Codice Software Talk: Developing PlasticSCM - techniques, tools and work cycle

Detailed techniques and work cycle that has enabled Codice Software establish itself as a global provider with a team of 15 people . . . → Read more

Group Sothis Talk: Technology in the enterprise and career

Technology can make sectors and businesses are created and destroyed every day. The people leading this technology, more qualified and specialized . . . → Read more

Madison talk: At the forefront of Marketing technology

The focus of the talk is to explain the professional opportunity for computer engineers in Madison. . . . → Read more

Talk Cognizant: Day to day with SCRUM (Agile methodologies)

What is SCRUM? Practical examples and case studies are discussed in this talk . . . → Read more

Talk Nielsen: The science behind. What's next?

Nielsen is a technology based company that seeks solutions of r & d for everyday problems. This talk will discuss some of the major projects in which the company is betting . . . → Read more

Talk ownCloud – SolidGear

The talk is complemented by the workshop “An Android app streaming video”. Attendance at the workshop requires registration . . . → Read more