Codice Software Talk: Developing PlasticSCM - techniques, tools and work cycle

Detailed techniques and work cycle that has enabled Codice Software establish itself as a global provider with a team of 15 people . . . → Read more

Group Sothis Talk: Technology in the enterprise and career

Technology can make sectors and businesses are created and destroyed every day. The people leading this technology, more qualified and specialized . . . → Read more

Madison talk: At the forefront of Marketing technology

The focus of the talk is to explain the professional opportunity for computer engineers in Madison. . . . → Read more

Talk Cognizant: Day to day with SCRUM (Agile methodologies)

What is SCRUM? Practical examples and case studies are discussed in this talk . . . → Read more

Talk Nielsen: The science behind. What's next?

Nielsen is a technology based company that seeks solutions of r & d for everyday problems. This talk will discuss some of the major projects in which the company is betting . . . → Read more

Talk ownCloud – SolidGear

The talk is complemented by the workshop “An Android app streaming video”. Attendance at the workshop requires registration . . . → Read more

Talk Next Limit: 'Simulación de fluidos para la Ingeniería'

In this talk Víctor González made an historical introduction to digital computing and simulation, applications in different areas of market and evolution that is expected of such technologies, referring to the notions of technological Singularity . . . → Read more

Talk ICON Multimedia

In this talk we want to present that it is the DIGIYTAL SIGNAGE and the route during these 24 years of the Palencia company ICON MULTIMEDIA . . . → Read more