Five Flames talk: 'Serious Games with Unity 3D and Inlife SDK'

The day will be divided in 2 parts, a talk explaining what the Inlife project and a workshop to learn how to integrate Inlife SDK into any game developed with Unity 3D . . . → Read more

Artificial Life, Robotics swarming and embodied evolution: solve problems by mimicking nature

In this talk, it be interactive, be introduced through examples the bond between nature and the scientific field of Artificial Life . . . → Read more

Talk of Rafael Sillero of Catalysts: 'Lo que de verdad importa'

The experience of a recently graduated in computer engineering student, their impressions about the race and the jump to the world of business . . . → Read more

Talk Inclam

From Inclam we will tell how have managed to join the StartUp world with companies of classical Engineering Technology Department (Agile) . . . → Read more

Talk Silverstorm: Machine learning and sports

Using artificial intelligence techniques, we can be able to improve the performance of teams and the decisions of coaches, improving analysis that these work they perform every day . . . → Read more

Fortinet talk: 'La Ciberseguridad, a team work'

Discover how teamwork can provide seamless security to respond to the most critical security challenges . . . → Read more

Talk GMV

Presentation of GMV, where moved to the students the reality of the daily work in the company . . . → Read more

Talk Everis

Talk about Everis Mobile and augmented and virtual reality projects . . . → Read more