Chat Inclam

From Inclam we will tell how have managed to join the StartUp world with companies of classical Engineering Technology Department (Agile) . . . → Read more

Talk Silverstorm: Machine learning and sports

Using artificial intelligence techniques, we can be able to improve the performance of teams and the decisions of coaches, improving analysis that these work they perform every day . . . → Read more

Fortinet talk: 'La Ciberseguridad, a team work'

Discover how teamwork can provide seamless security to respond to the most critical security challenges . . . → Read more

Talk GMV

Presentation of GMV, where moved to the students the reality of the daily work in the company . . . → Read more

Talk Everis

Talk about Everis Mobile and augmented and virtual reality projects . . . → Read more

Charla Solid Gear Academy

You know how it works a software development company. Learn more about the upcoming free workshops . . . → Read more

Talk Atos: Presentation of the company and information about their scholarships

This talk took place on 29 in November of 2017 . . . → Read more

Novagecko Talk: Things that I would have liked to learn when I was at the University

Abel Torres talks about technical issues or aspects on management of projects that had to learn how to finish the race and start your business project . . . → Read more