End of degree work

Calls for Defense

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General information

  • Regulation of the TFG of UVa. [PDF] Approved by the Government Council of the UVa day 18 in January of 2012.
  • Rules of evaluation of the TFG of the EI computer. [PDF] School Board approved the 18 in September of 2013.
  • Standards of performance in TFG (prior to the 13/03/2020, in the Student and Teacher drop-downs there is updated information on the procedure after that date)

      • Signup, Registration, Defence and evaluation of the TFG
        1. The TFG registration process will take place during the registration period but it is NOT essential for the student to enroll of the TFG in this period although it has to be taken into account that the enrolled students will have priority in the procurement process.
        2. If the TFG was already completed at the time of overcome the rest of subjects, the student will request registration authorization to proceed with your presentation (Defense). If at the time of overcome the rest of subject TFG was not yet completed, the student must enroll mandatory of TFG to be covered by insurance up to the moment of the presentation.
        3. The presentation of GFR can be done at any time throughout the course, so the student must inform the tutor (that it should give its approval) and this to the Committee's title (mail electronic to ct.gii@inf.uva.es) to designate Court, which President set the date more convenient. In the week prior to the close of proceedings of TFG's call for July will be organized the defenses of the remaining TFG (link Students>Courts).
        4. The result of the evaluation of the TFG will manifest itself in the next call to follow the date of Defense.
      • Proposals and allocation of TFGs UVa
        1. Beginning of the course opens a time limit which will be conveniently so that departments perform their offer of TFGs. This will be done electronically using the web application of the page in the center:(link Teachers>Offer TFG -needs to be done login before-). The login and password to access the application are those of the school. You don't need to perform any additional processing. If the number of TFG offered out insufficient to cover the demand is activate the mechanism intended in the normative (Article 7.1 Regulation of the TFG of UVa) of fees by area of knowledge depending on the hours given in the studies.
        2. The proposals will be immediately visible to students (link Students>Offer of TFGs), which now available on the guardian. If you came to an agreement alumno‐tutor, the guardian must as soon as possible inform the Committee's title by sending an email (ct.gii@inf.uva.es) in which indicate them data of the TFG and the student to which you want to assign is you. You must also close the offer of the GFR (without removing the document) using the web application (link Teachers>Check offers). It must be taken into account that this award is provisional, While not approved by the Committee and, is to prioritize the assignment to students enrolled in the Bachelor. Note: The application does not assign a student to the TFG already that this allocation must be made by the Committee's title, Hence the need to send you an email with that information.
        3. At the end of the deadline all open bids will be collected from the web application and will be used to carry out the assignment based on preferences of the students enrolled in the TFG that had thus requested it.
        4. Apart from designated deadlines, at any time throughout the course tutors may offer or assigned by agreement alumno-tutor new works for what will be the same procedure described in 1 and 2.
      • Proposals and allocation of TFGs in agreement with company
        1. There is the possibility of doing the TFG in agreement in entities outside the UVA that have signed an agreement that includes that option. Ver arriba en la sección Ofertas de TFG en fichero “Entities with an agreement to do TFG/TFM”
        2. Once the TFG has been organized with an entity and the company tutor and the academic tutor have been identified, the ACADEMIC tutor must inform the Degree Committee for assignment by sending an email indicating: TFG Title, student, entity, Company tutor and academic tutor.



PROCEDURE for TFG Defense:

  1. Ask your guardian to send you the Good Seen Document (guardian authorization) electronically signed.
  2. Create a PDF with TFG Memory, use a file name that can identify you (e.g.. MemoriaTFGLauraPerezSanchez.pdf)
  3. If there is any additional documentation, must use what is indicated in the Application for Defense and Evaluation of the TFG: indicate (if applicable) the url of access to the repository where the additional material is located.
  4. Fill in the Declaration of Authorship and Originality form (it does not need to be signed by the student)
  5. Where applicable, justification of the guardian who proves the seizure or confidentiality of the TFG (previously signed by the tutor).
  6. Go to the Electronic Headquarters of the University of Valladolid (https://sede.uva.es/)
  7. Click on "Procedures", "Students", "Defense and evaluation of End-of-Grade Work", "Start paperwork (Online)”
  8. Complete the request and attach the TFG Memory PDFs, the Declaration of Authorship and Originality, the Approval signed electronically by the guardian and, where appropriate,, justification of seizure or confidentiality electronically signed by the guardian.
  9. Follow the steps in the document "Processing Scheme"
  10. From this moment on, the procedures for the designation of the tribunal and the date of defence will begin.

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Procedure by TFG Tutor:

  1. When a student tells his or her tutor that he or she wants to present the work, the tutor must send him or her the Guardian's Good Seen filled in and signed electronically. Where applicable, justification of the guardian who proves the seizure or confidentiality of the TFG (previously signed by the tutor). To electronically sign the document we recommend using the UVa Signature Holder (https://portafirmas.sede.uva.es/) using the writing procedure, self-recipient, attach the PDF, Send, locate pending in folder and sign, locate finished folder and download it using the document+floppy icon button
  2. From that moment on, it is the student who must generate the defence request and all the usual mechanisms for this procedure will be put in place (designation of court and choice by it of the date and form of the defense).
  3. In videoconferencing defense the guardian will have the opportunity to inform the court about the work (at the court procedural point explains the method). It is not necessary to file the guardian's report because now that report is included in the Good Seen document.

Proceedings by TFG Court:

  1. Courts continue to be named with the algorithm (circular list) approved by the Title Committee and each member of the court acts in 5 Defenses.
  2. The Administrative and Management Secretariats generate the appropriate documentation and refer it to the members of the court and the guardian in the same way as before.
  3. The president of the court, after consulting stakeholders, determines a date and videoconferencing system and notifies the Secretariat of Directors. We recommend the use of the School's videoconferencing system and that, in any case, a pre-test of the system to check, for example, if the student can share screen, etc..
  4. The defense will be carried out in the usual format, but adapted to the videoconferencing format. To allow the court to deliberate with the guardian and each other in private, simultaneous opening of another video conference room known only to the court and guardian is recommended (and be careful to cancel video and microphone in the room where the student and the rest of the audience expect).
  5. Very important: Although the defense documents are basically the same (call and qualification minutes), all of them must be electronically signed by those responsible. In the case of the minutes, that must be signed by the 3 court members, it is recommended that the court clerk upload the minutes to the UVa Holder (https://portafirmas.sede.uva.es/) and send them to yourself and the rest of the members for your signature. After all of them are signed, the signed document is forwarded to the Administrative Secretariat (negociado.inf@uva.es)

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Updated 28 in November of 2023