External practical work

External practical work by the Master Teacher Guide

Students of the Master in Computer Engineering have the opportunity to do internships in companies and research groups such as:

  • aei ciberseguridad
  • anfix
  • Cognizant
  • mLEAN
  • N
  • plasticscm
  • roams
  • tecsidel
  • Telefónica I d
  • voxel 3D
  • xeridia
Research groups
  • Computer architecture
  • Characterization of materials and electronic devices
  • Compression, indexing and applications on large collections of data
  • Pervasive computing
  • Development of ultra-fast functions
  • Financial economics and accounting
  • Economics and public policy
  • Electronics
  • Advanced Computing and multimodal interaction systems environments
  • Spectroscopy of plasmas and supersonic jets
  • GIRO
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Applied mathematics
  • MIOMeT: Inorganic and organometallic molecules with Transition Metals
  • Modelling, Biomechanics and advanced visualization of heritage
  • Optimization and data enveloping analysis
  • Systems thinking and organizational Cybernetics
  • Neural networks
  • Intelligent systems
  • Optimization solutions
  • Goblin
  • Semantic Web, right of new technologies and computer-related crime

Description of Practices in Company


If you are interested in this offer, send your CV by mail electronic to pe@inf.uva.es, indicating in the mail company/offer in question.


Curricular internship related to ICT for research and development projects:

  • Industry 4.0. Development of algorithms for analysis of data by applying Machine Learning techniques from the programming language python and Apache Spark platform + MLlib
  • Intelligent transport systems. Techniques of artificial vision processing of data/images with application development in C# using Visual Studio Professional and the framework Microsoft .NET with Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Intelligent transport systems. Equipment embedded Linux programming (Raspberry pi/arduino with scripts in Python + OpenCV) development of algorithms for analyzing data on machine vision cameras.

The possibility of a TFM in this context can also be considered.


  • Basis of programming in C++ and C# (environment of development Visual C# and .NET) and SQL databases: MS SQL Server
  • Knowledge of Python and Java

Other knowledge optional:

  • OS Linux, shell scripting, BD MySQL
  • Version control tools: SVN
  • PostGIS and PostgreSQL
  • OpenCV

Flexible schedule. It is not necessary to perform any person, You can toggle with tools of video conferencing/email for follow-up through deliverables.

Possibility to make practices in summer.

If you are interested in this offer, send your CV by mail electronic to pe@inf.uva.es, indicating in the mail company/offer in question.


Functions:- Participation in the development and implementation of Big Data projects across clients of all sectors( banking, telco,retail,utilities …)
The participation shall include participation in the following activities:
· Analysis of sources of data
· Installation and configuration of platforms in Big data
· Implementation of mechanisms of intake,
· Industrialization of analytics algorithms
· Development of routines for data processing
· Implementation of business use casesTechnologies Big DataDistribution Cloudera, Horton Works
Tools for Intake of Data: Flume , Sqoop, Kafka
Storage tools: HDFS, Hive, Hbase, Cassandra
Processing tools: Spark, FlinkLines of learning:· What is Big Data and what impact it produces in the customers?.
· What are the platforms and the software for processing Big Data?
· Analysis and decision requirements in Big Data projects.
· What is the debugging of data and identity management?
· How is a project of Big Data?
· How to define a business case for Big Data?
· How to analyze information in real-time?, How to build predictive models from Big Data?
· How do you build a balanced scorecard?, What information provides the Big Data to a dashboard?
· What are the use cases of Big Data's most important market?

If you are interested in this offer, send your CV by mail electronic to pe@inf.uva.es, indicating in the mail company/offer in question.

BeOnPrice (Data Scientist)

Name of the post: Data Scientist

BeOnPrice we are a Start-Up technology, which develops solutions for Revenue Management for the tourism sector through technologies of Big Data.

In our company we are eager to continue to grow and this is why we have the site for you. Seek optimistic people, you enjoy working in a team, you like challenges and think that everything can be improved. We like the creativity, the commitment, the innovation and the bet by the quality.
If you share these values and your profile fits with the one that we describe below do not doubt that we will have with you.

Academic training: Degree in Statistics/Mathematics/Computer science

Additional training: Analysis and programming of software. English. Experience: Not necessary but recommended.

Roles and responsibilities: Research, modeling, development and implementation of techniques of machine learning

– Programming and modeling (Mathematica)
– C++Programming, R, Python
– Distributed processing
– Linux

Personal skills
– Initiative and autonomy
– Proactive attitude and dynamic
– Commitment to medium/long-term
– Work in a team
– Communication skills
– Strategic mindset
– Capacity of leadership
– Pragmatism
– Creativity
– Tolerance to ambiguities

923 100 220

If you are interested in this offer, send your CV by mail electronic to pe@inf.uva.es, indicating in the mail company/offer in question.


Introduction to the problem

VOXEL 3D we are dedicated to creating services of spatial information on the Internet. We are content providers of georeferenced image to a third party, companies or individuals. Our services are continuously monitored anonymously through logs of access in standard formats. These logs are recurrent, and presented interesting information about the use that they give the customers to their data, from the point of view geospatial. All the information which VOXEL 3D serves its customers is georeferenced (typically, each data has its correspondence geographic, latitude – longitude), and it is feasible to study to know the behaviour of our customers.

In addition, VOXEL3D, has developed its own tool for collecting geospatial analytical applications of web mapping (typically Google Maps, or the prolific libraries current Leaflet and Openlayers 3), to learn how to use a common user anonymously or not, the existing content in a web map, or a geographical application online based on these systems. This tool allows you to collect any type of interaction of users with information related to maps on the web, generating log files of the information of interest.

The information generated is valuable to know the interests of the clients of these applications.

Objectives of the work

The general objective is to develop a platform for the collection of KPI’s (key perfomance indicator) and key indicators of online maps that allow the automatic collection of the information of online maps, storage, indexing the information from the logs and creating a dashboard to display the information to facilitate decision making. This work is part of the tools of web map analytics which is developing VOXEL 3D today.

Work Plan

PHASE: Immersion in the problem [60h]

A. 1 – Reading basic bibliography, knowledge of the problem.

A. 2 – Knowledge of the state of the art advanced tools of web mapping and web analytics.

A. 3 – Detailed study of the KPI’s interesting for a web application mapping.

PHASE B: Development [210h]

B. 1 the Process of analysis and design of the modules of the system

B. 2 Processing, indexing and storage of information on the basis of logs of use.

B. 3 Development of the dashboard control.

PHASE C: Conclusions [30h]

Technology Stack

It is anticipated that work with the following tools/technologies:

* Python/R for processing and statistical analysis.

* Elasticsearch for search and indexing of information.

* Python/Logstash for processing logs.

* Introduction to monitoring tools like Kibana vs GreyLog.

* ToroDB/PostreSQL/MongoDB as storage systems.

If you are interested in this offer, send your CV by mail electronic to pe@inf.uva.es, indicating in the mail company/offer in question.