Master's Thesis

General information

From the day 26 may of 2020 the application for the defense of the Master's Degree Work is available at the e-headquarters.

A guide to the procedure can be found at: scheme with instructions to follow.

The initiation of this procedure is common for all UVa Centres and relates exclusively to the initial application process. Includes three standardized prints: Defence request (stuffed online), The guardian's name and declaration of authorship and originality.

The student can send attachments at headquarters (with a capacity of up to 10 Mg) and the application provides a field to include the URL where files are uploaded (EJ. defense video recording).

According to the document Adaptation of the UVa to Non-Witness Formation in the course 2019-2020, approved by the Governing Council on 21 April of 2020, the virtual or telematics defense of TFGs or TFMs will be allowed until 30 in September of 2020, even in later timeframes in the event that the Title Committee considers it justified. The defence may be carried out asynchronously (sending a student-recorded video) or synchronous (videoconference to the Evaluation Committee, that can be recorded). In any case, authorized applications should be used. More details on these issues Guide to data protection in online evaluation at the UVa.

Finally, the TFM's report and the student's application must be referred to the report, where the confidential or date of the embargo is listed, libraries at each center. To this end, each Administrative Secretary can agree with the corresponding Library the method that is most of interest to.

Documents and links

Updated 25 in May of 2020: The current situation has led to a change in both the time limits and the way in which the documentation associated with certain administrative acts is presented, that for the time being must be done electronically