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The Standing Committee of the Governing Council of the UVa, in session held on 15 February's 2021, agreed to award the Extraordinary End of Career Awards (course 2019/2020)

Calendar Elections to Representatives in the Algebra Department Council, Mathematical Analysis, Geometry and topology

Proposal to award extraordinary end-of-career awards for the course 2019/2020

Students indicated are required to express in writing the acceptance of the prize within ten school days of the publication of this resolution on the Bulletin Board of this Center. . . . → Read more

Extraordinary End of Career Awards - Provisional baremation candidates

Meeting of the E.I. Academic Management Commission. Valladolid Computer Science, competent in resolving the call for the Extraordinary End of Career Awards, this Directorate proceeds to publish the provisional discussion of student records and to establish a period of ten school days, counted from the . . . → Read more

Call extraordinary End of Career Awards for Students who have completed the course 2019/2020

The Director agrees to initiate the procedure for the award of the Extraordinary End of Career Awards to students of this Center who have completed their studies in the Academic Course 2019/2020. . . . → Read more