UVa Special Event HourOfCode 2015

…(https://hourofcode.com/es). Participation in the event is open to the community, but preference is given to members of the University of Valladolid: students, PDI, PAS. For students of the school of computer engineering involved shall be considered for all purposes as part of the programme the Wednesday talks. To participate you must bring your notebook. El evento se . . . → Read more

Hour of Code 2017

¡The hour of the code is here 2017! come in four (see previous editions) We have opened registration for the biggest event of the world learning: ¡The time code! As it is high tradition we offer our particular version of the global event HourOfCode que promueve internacionalmente la organización Code.org como parte de la Computer Science Educational Week. Esta versión . . . → Read more

The time code 2020

In a different situation but with the same desire as ever, we've re-organized our particular Hour of Code event (HourOfCode). It will be held on Wednesday 25 November of this year 2020. As is traditional, introductory workshops are offered to programming languages, and intermediate and advanced workshops. This year we offer 6 talleres de iniciación y . . . → Read more

PARTY CODE. Event ' Hour of Code’ at ETSI computing

tutoriales básicos y avanzados de los siguientes lenguajes de programación: Ruby, Goland, Python, Javascript, Android and php choose your language, check your time availability, determines how far you want to go and see the Party Code ¡Comparte una #HourOfCode with us! ¿¿You're going to lose?? Trae tu portátil y muchas ganas de aprender y de programar La semana del 8 . . . → Read more

Hour of Code 2019

noviembre a las 14:00 y se cerrarán el viernes 22 November at 23:59. Workshops that are filled will no longer accept registrations. ¿Te interesa alguno? No te lo pienses más ¡Únete a La Hora del Código en http://eventos.uva.es/go/HourOfCode2019InfUVa y reserva tu plaza! Los alumnos de la Escuela de Ingeniería Informática que participen tendrán un reconocimiento de horas en . . . → Read more

Hour of Code 2016

Universitario de Informática GUI, the group Grape::Coders and the participation of staff of the School, the Department of Computer science and the Department of Statistics and Operational Research. El evento se enmarca dentro de la iniciativa Computer Science Educational Week promovida internacionalmente por la organización Code.org. The site of reference at the global level of the initiative is to HourOfCode.com Nuestro evento especial . . . → Read more