Student orientation program

The orientation programme the student is intended to enable students to receive guidance and mentoring custom during studies conducted at the University of Valladolid. The objective is to facilitate the adaptation to the University environment and academic performance, as well as facilitate the occupational integration, professional development and the continuity of their university training.

In the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática procedure is as follows:

  • Students who wish to do so may query at any time during the course of guidance addressed to the Coordinator of the orientation program, by sending an email to the address
  • The first request for guidance will entail the assignment the student, by the Coordinator of the program, a guardian of the guardians of the academic team. This assignment will be in effect for the remainder of the academic year that occur and the circumstances that will not occur in both, in the opinion of the Coordinator and heard the parties, recommend proceed with a change of guardian.
  • In this request for guidance, the student may bring their desire to be cared for by a guardian who is not a teacher of any of the subjects on which it is registered. Likewise, You can indicate if you wish to receive guidance on issues related to the completion of studies and employment or on issues related to the inclusion in the academic life of the Centre.

Accordance with rules of the orientation programme student

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