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School of Computer Engineering | Course 2017-18 | Summary and adaptation Guide to the Management of Placement (This guide is pending approval)

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What are Placement (before Practices in Business)?

What are Placement (before Practices in Business)?

They are a compulsory subject in the Degree in Computer Engineering (all references).

Also in the Master in Computer, and the double title InDat

It consists in carrying out practical work in a company or institution.

Such work should be at least 300 hours (equivalent 12 ECTS).

When REGISTER in Placement?

When REGISTER in Placement?

Only automatrícula is possible once you have passed the 50% appropriations of the race to date 31 in August of the current year.
It is equivalent to a fully approved courses 1st and 2nd.

It is logical, well, officially is a 4th year course, and has ensured that the PE is performed when the student has acquired sufficient knowledge and skills.

As the Student Council, If you are not completely convinced to make the PE during this academic year (for example, academic reasons, schedules, or any other reason), should not enroll. If the course your circumstances change and you find any PE offerings and you are accepted by the company, during the administrative procedure of practice will open a period for the expansion of enrolment for this course.

If the student intends to present the TFG in this academic year, It is must have completed and passed the PE, so in these circumstances, it is essential it enrolls.

All student, enrolled or not in PE, want to make PE, and meet the requirement of having the 50% approved appropriations, It should be recorded in the application telematics in the Area of enterprise and employment (

When would take PE?

When would take PE?

The PE are designed for the second half of the 4th year.

Can they be done before?

Yup, but you have to take into account the schedule incompatibilities with other subjects curses.

You can also do PE in summer.

Watch out! Business practices are a COURSE record which must be signed by the end of July, as is done in other subjects.
PE obtained by the Department of Enterprise and Employment

PE obtained by the Department of Enterprise and Employment

The first is recorded in the service area of ​​Enterprise and Employment (

Have completed a minimum of 50% the ECTS grade to date 31 in August of the current course.

Once registered, you can access the internship offers that companies or institutions to carry.

Department of enterprise and employment
The deals appear weekly, and are valid for 5 school days.

After these 5 Effective days, is removed and replaced by new.

So you must be careful to offers.

A student is eligible for more than one offer, but only you will be assigned a.

Is the company, according to their own criteria, student who chooses to.

School-specific offerings

School-specific offerings.

Nearest Management, Offer specifically targeted to our students.

Look for them on the website of the school

Computer Engineer School
Practices listing

A large part of the administrative management will be from our Secretariat and our Directors Bureau Center, thus avoiding the need to travel.

Before starting the PE

Before starting the PE

When business and student agree,

  • the student must sign the acceptance of the practice in the Bureau of school of computer engineering.
    • If the student is not enrolled in PE, is also implied the modification request tuition for enrollment in PE.
    • Only after enrollment, you can start the internship period.
    • Exception: If the practice is due for completion at the end of subsequent proceedings of the workshop, NO student is enrolled in this course, but in the following.

Check student guide

I have an offer from a company....

I have an offer from a company…

  • You may have personally contacted a company and it is ready to offer you PE. What do?
    1. Register (If you are not it) in
    2. Ask the company to register (If it is not) in
    3. Once registered (This may take two weeks), fill in the form "application for authorization" that appears in the account of the student profile.
Computer Engineer School
Developing the Practice

Developing the Practice

The student will be assigned

  • a tutor in the company It will guide you in the work that needs to be developed, and
  • a academic tutor at the University of Valladolid, whose mission is to ensure compliance with the conditions of the PE.

This is MANDATORY the student contact with academic tutor BEFORE the start of the PE.

Evaluation of PE.

Evaluation of PE.

300h <= Duration PE <= 900 h

At the end of practice ...

  • Students must complete a report Practice.
      • It is a multiple choice form available on the website of the Department of Enterprise and Employment.
    Students report
  • The company tutor must complete a lab report.
  • The student has to send a memory Company Practices in your academic tutor.

The academic tutor, viewed reports and memory, evaluates practice.

A student who leaves without cause practice before the first 300 hours will be drop down.

The PE subject CAN NOT APPROVE accumulating hours of different PE.

"My practice is over 300 hours (the minimum required). My note will be higher?”

The hours that exceed this amount will be considered Extracurricular Practice, that appear in the student's file extension, but they do not wear associated qualifications and ECTS credits, nor can they be validated by other subjects.

A student who has already adopted the subject of PE, may (according to the company / institution that welcomed him) continue these or other tasks. The rest of these hours of practice, are considered Extracurricular.

PE can also be made at an early extracurricular different company from the PE curriculum.

The maximum duration of extracurricular PE is 600h.

And if I can't find a practice in the EEA or in the school Bulletin Board?

And if I can't find a practice in the EEA or in the school Bulletin Board?

You yourself can find the company.
VERY IMPORTANT – Before you start making practices, you must enroll in the course, and the Department of Enterprise and Employment has to recognize your work in this business as an activity that you are developing in your studies UVa, under the Health Insurance UVa.
Anyway, ALWAYS you must contact the Coordinator of PE Center:
What if I have not yet PE?

What if I have not yet PE?

If nevertheless you have not yet found an offer for you, get in touch with PE Coordinator via mail .

The PE have a minimum of 300h, that distributed the 20h/semana, are few 15 weeks. If you start in April, just in mid-July, just in time to close the proceedings of the workshop.
What tasks are developed in the Work Placement?

What tasks are developed in the Work Placement?

Target: students can have their first work experience in a setting where you will demand to implement the skills they have gained throughout the years of study at the University. Therefore ...

  • Design and development of software.
  • Management and Administration Database.
  • Management Information Systems (includes installation, configuration, administration, security ...)
  • Web Application Design (in network)
  • Interface Design.
  • Etc.
Am I going to pay for the performance of the PE?

Am I going to pay for the performance of the PE?

In general the response is Do not.

The policy followed by the grape is:

  • For curricular PE (mandatory) they are not paid.
    • The company may decide that if they are paid, but current legislation requires the company to pay insurance if any remuneration.
  • For extracurricular PE (not mandatory) should be remunerated.
    • There are always exceptions.
The PE and the TFG

The PE and the TFG

Perhaps the work that students develop during the course of the PE is the cause of your Final Project. It will depend on the task performed, complexity and orientation that you want to give to the Final Project, etc..

Anyway ...
To achieve the TFG, the TFG has to be assigned a Tutor, not necessarily coincide with the Academic Tutor who has been assigned to develop the Work Placement. Contact PE Center Coordinator
Company Proposals

Company Proposals

If you know any company in the sector of information and communication technologies that were interested in bidding PE for our studies…

  • It is easier to be put in touch with the direction of the school from
  • Or the company can follow the procedure described in :
    1. The company recorded a web form filling.
    2. The University of Valladolid mail you the relevant agreement to be signed, once signed and returned by mail to the Grape.
    3. Once the company / institution registered as a valid user, Company may make offers as appropriate using the relevant forms from the website of the Department of Enterprise and Employment.
Internship abroad (Leonardo Programme / ERASMUS )

Internship abroad

You can do the practices in company like ERASMUS + studies scholarships, but now called ERASMUS-practice. It is open almost all year round (Unlike ERASMUS + studies that only you can order it at the beginning of the academic year).

You can see a list of “open practices” in

More information on

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Updated 29 in June of 2017