Computing Olympiad of Castile and León

Launch of the Fourth Informatics Olympiad of Castilla y León OICyL and training program



The International Olympiad in Informatics (Ioi) is held annually since 1987. Participating countries send teams of 4 Contestants. Contestants participate individually, and try to get the highest score by solving a set of computer problems during the two sessions of the contest. Problems are algorithmic and must be solved by programming on a personal computer.

Spain has been participating since 1997. The Spanish Computer Olympiad (Oie) is the contest through which the Spanish team that attends the IOI is selected.

The Informatics Olympiad is one of the Scientific Olympiads convened annually by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Results in the International Olympiad

We want to extend the excitement and congratulations for the result of the Spanish team in the last International Informatics Olympiad 2023 held at the beginning of September: Two silvers and two bronzes! For the first time, all four representatives return with medals. This is, To date, the best result that Spain has obtained in the international Olympiad.

Computing Olympiad of Castile and León

Computing Olympiad of Castile and León

Actually, to compete in the OIE final, the winners of the Regional Olympics and the winners of the Open Qualifying Tournament qualifier.

This year we will celebrate the 4th Regional Informatics Olympiad of Castilla y León OICyL 2023 the Saturday 17 February's 2024 in 4 different venues throughout the region of Castilla y León:

  • Computer Engineering School of Valladolid (University of Valladolid).
  • School of Industrial Engineering, Computer Science & Aerospace (University of León).
  • Faculty of Sciences (University of Salamanca).
  • Higher Polytechnic School (University of Burgos).

Those who fail to qualify through the regional Olympiad, can be submitted to the Open Qualifying Tournament to be held on 28 February's 2024 to try to get a place in the National Olympiad.

This document defines two interrelated programs:

  • Celebration of the 4th Informatics Olympiad of Castilla y León (OICyL 2024)
  • Training to prepare for a Computer Olympiad.

Who is it aimed at?

Who can compete at the Computer Olympiad of Castile and León?

Who can compete at the Computer Olympiad of Castile and León?

Students who are enrolled in ESO/Grado Medio/Bachillerato in a school/institute in Castilla y León and who do not have more than 20 years the 1 of July 2024.

Who is the training program aimed at?

Who is the training program aimed at?

The training program is aimed at all those who pre-register to participate in the Computer Olympiad of Castilla y León. All information about training programs later in this document and at the following link:

A student can be self-taught in preparation or have available in their immediate environment, school or family, a coach or training group. Any student can register to participate in the OICyL without having to participate in the training program offered. The OIE has a page that can help with training: This page can be used directly by those interested by their self-taught means or with their coaches regardless of the preparation program offered..

Expected dates

Expected dates

The national final of the Spanish Computer Olympiad (Oie) It will be held at the University of Seville. It will be the days 15, 16 and March 17, 2024.

The start of the training will be on 6 in October of 2023.

The 4th Informatics Olympiad of Castilla y León (OICyL 2024), organized in several venues located in Valladolid (School of Engineering Computing of the grape), Leon (School of Industrial Engineering, Computer Science & Aerospace, ULE), Salamanca (Faculty of Sciences, USAL) and Burgos (Higher Polytechnic School, UBU), Saturday 17 February's 2024.

On the other hand, The Open Qualifier, Online, will be the 28 February's 2024. Regional Olympics contestants who have not qualified may participate, as well as some exceptional cases that, for reasons beyond their control and duly justified, They had registered to compete in the regional Olympiad and could not attend.

Computer Olympic Preparation Program: Training

Computer Olympic Preparation Program: Training

The Spanish Informatics Olympiad makes available to registered persons (or who will enroll) a Regional Computer Olympics A training plan in programming and algorithms to know and improve the competencies and skills of C++ and acquire the ability to solve problems through algorithmic solutions.


The course lasts from the 6 in October of 2023 up to the 24 may of 2024.


The training is structured as follows: 3 Levels. By way of summary:

  • Initial
    Description: Introduction to the world of programming.
    Public: For those who either have no programming knowledge, or have very basic knowledge.
    Schedule: Friday of 18:00 to 20:00.
    Directed by Aula Escola Europea. Teachers: Joan Alemany, Oscar Garries, Jacobo Vilella.
  • Medium
    Description: Algorithms and Data Structures.
    Public: For those who already know the basics of C++ programming (Conditional, Loops, Arrays, recursion).
    Schedule: Friday of 18:00 to 20:00.
    Led by the Faculty of Informatics of the Complutense University of Madrid. Teachers: Alberto Verdejo.
  • Advanced
    Description: Advanced algorithms and training with exercises from national and international Olympics.
    Public: For those who have been programming for a long time and have previously participated in programming competitions with good results.
    Schedule: Classes “Asynchronous” (Proposal of exercises to be solved and presentation of solutions once a week, Discord query resolution throughout the week).
    Led by the Spanish Computer Olympiad. Teachers: Max Balsell, Oscar Balsells.


Training in general is offered By videoconference.

How to pre-register to participate in the OICyL and the training program?

Enrollment in both programs must be made by the parent/legal guardian in the case of minors and personally in the case of being of legal age at the time of registration. While such registration should be promoted, motivated and on the proposal of school/institute teachers, but it is the families/guardians who are responsible for the registration for data protection reasons, commitment to activity, etc..

Registration in the Olympiad of Castilla y León

Registration in the Olympiad of Castilla y León

Throughout the months of December and January, CyL students will be able to register to compete in the Regional Olympiad through Set as registration limit the 1 February's 2024. For reasons of capacity it is necessary to establish a maximum number of participants indicated on the registration page. If this quota is exceeded, a draw will be held to determine the final contestants of the OICyL 2024 but the registration of students who are currently studying 2nd year of Baccalaureate will be prioritized as it is their last possible course to compete in the Computer Olympiad.

It is requested to first pre-register at:



  • What are the Computer Olympiad tests?
    It consists of the resolution of several programming exercises. Each exercise poses a problem to be solved by means of a computer program. The participant will have to think about the algorithm that solves the problem computationally and program it. To win, three aspects influence in order of importance: 1) the program completely solves the problem and satisfies all test cases; 2) the program solves the problem with a better time; 3) the contestant has done it before the rest of the participants.


  • What programming languages are used in the Olympics?
    Participants in the Olympics will be able to participate using C++ (GNU g++), Java or Python.


  • Can Formative Cycles students participate?

Students of the Intermediate Level Training Cycle can participate.

The Computer Olympiad No It is aimed at students of Higher Level Training Cycles, In this case, they could participate in Program-Me, Spanish programming competition for students enrolled in Vocational Training Cycles.


  • Where will the Castile and Leon Computer Olympics be held?

The Olympiad will be multi-venue, taking place in Valladolid, Leon, Salamanca and Burgos, specifically, in the 4 Locations listed below:


Registration to participate in the OICyL will open on 30 in November of 2023 and will close the 1 February's 2024.



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