Master in Computer Engineering - Program 2019-2020

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The subjects that indicate [Support in English] offer the student materials (Bibliography, transparencies…) in English language, and the possibility of also have tutoring in English, in order to help potential students exchange foreign.

First course

First four-month period

  • [BigData] Advanced Internet services and applications.
  • Quality, Audit and security processes, Services, Resources and Software products.
  • Interaction engineering.
  • [Support in English] Advanced methods of reasoning and knowledge representation.
  • [Support in English] Hardware and Software capture and image display systems.


Second four-month period

  • [BigData] Web applications for the search and information management.
  • [BigData] [Support in English] Parallel computing and emerging models.
  • Strategic technology direction and innovation.
  • [Support in English] Financial management of companies and technology-based projects.
  • [BigData] [Support in English] Scalable data analysis techniques.
Second course

First four-month period

  • External practical work.
  • Master's Thesis.

Specialty Big Data

  • Scalable storage.
  • [Support in English] Big Data: business intelligence.
  • Technology for Big Data.

Updated 17 July of 2019