Laboratories – Rules for the use of the computer resources

These rules apply to all users of the computer resources of the teaching laboratories of the school of computer engineering at the University of Valladolid.


1. Only students and teachers of computer science studies will have access to this equipment and, exceptionally, other members of the University community are authorized thereto by those in charge of resources.
2. The equipment of the laboratories are reserved for tasks related to teaching or research in computer science studies. Should not be used for other purposes.
3. In the laboratories of practices:

to. Students who are doing their internships in hours reserved for the same, they will always have priority in the use of equipment.
b. They must not work more than two people simultaneously in a same terminal. The last rows of the general laboratory is available for team work, where can you connect the portable personal.
c. Keep quiet. No smoking is allowed, eat or drink.
d. Not to hijack or block equipment. Never leave the locked screen. If going to run a process which provides an exceptional duration or a special use of resources, Please contact your personal administrator to ensure the availability of the same.
e. Take care of the material. Do not modify the location of the equipment or its configuration. If a team doesn't work correctly or if you think that your configuration must be changed, notify the administrator staff.
(f). Carefully follow the instructions concerning the use of computers and of the various available applications. Do not turn off or restart workstations or printers. Turn off monitors only those computers where so indicated. In case of doubt, ask the administrator staff.
(g). Does not interfere in the work of other users with actions such as sending unwanted messages.
h. Do not print documents unrelated to teaching practices. Do not send to printer documentation that is available online . If you need a document that is not accessible, refer to the Admin staff. Do not use the printers to make multiple copies of the same document. Do not block the print queue. Please note that resource managers may establish annually a limit printing by user.
in. If you have to wait for a job, do it out of the lab to avoid crowds and noise.

4. Commitments of the user:

to. The user is responsible for the use that makes your account and the information stored on the disk space assigned. In particular, the user undertakes to comply with the legislation on the legal protection of computer programs.
b. The user is responsible for keeping your password secret.

c. The user agrees not to access resources (systems, accounts, software, files, etc.) that it is not authorized. In particular, No one is authorized to use another user account, nor can you give permission to access your account to other users. It is suggested that access to their files to other users. Please note that if you do not you will be responsible for the consequences that this might have.
d. The user undertakes to not intentionally interfere with the normal functioning of systems and to not disclose data or run programs that can compromise the security of the same.
e. The user undertakes not to carry out actions involving:

in. The concealment of his identity.
II. The appropriation of a foreign account password.
III. Access to information belonging to other users or the alteration of the same.
IV. The offense or defamation of others.
in. The disruption of the normal functioning of the systems and communications.
VI. The connection or the attempt of unauthorized systems access.

(f). The respect of these commitments also extends to any outside studies system that is accessed through the equipment of the laboratories.

5.Note that being intended for teaching accounts exclusively to the realization of practical, It is not guaranteed the confidentiality of the information stored in the associated directories. For this reason, It is recommended that you not use these accounts for personal or confidential information storage. For the purpose of verifying the proper use of resources, resource managers may authorize systems administrators access to the information contained in these accounts. Also, to ensure the proper functioning of the systems, administrator staff may exceptionally locked prudential account (or any of the services associated with it) the user that is causing the interference.
6. In the event of failure to comply with this regulation:

to. Administrator staff may require it to yield his post for the breach of any of these rules.
b. The breach of the rule relating to the use of resources (point 2) or commitments of the user (point 4) It will involve the temporary blocking of the user account, being able to get to its final deletion in case of repetition.
c. The repetition or treachery in the non-compliance may result in open sanctioning record in accordance with the regulations at the University of Valladolid.