Instructions for access to the computing resources of the school

How to get my password

Computer engineering school provides each student and teacher a personal account to access any of the resources available (virtual classrooms and laboratories primarily); This account is managed by the school and is different UVa account, giving access to general services of the University (mail, I portal, WiFi, virtual campus). If you have a problem with some grape - not our school service- contact or on the phone 983 423000.

To obtain the data (user name and password) School account:

On this page you enter the email address provided by the UVa ( or by the Department for teachers. The system will send to that address data access. Students mail is available in

Of statistics titling pupils enrolled in subjects with teaching at the Center have also an account of the school available on the same terms as the rest of the students.

Cases in which could inform that 'email is not valid':

    • If you just register or has done a day ago, can that data of your registration to the system had not yet been imported. The import is daily.
    • Student accounts will be enabled from the first day of the course at 9 o'clock, and will remain available until the student ceases to be enrolled. When a student is performing the PFC or TFG has not yet enrolled, should tell your guardian requesting an account for the student by email to informatica.inf @, indicating student data.
    • If you are an Erasmus student, enrollment is slower, so you should ask your teachers or computer technicians to a temporary account until your registration is complete.
    • If enrollment in subjects from computing plans through the Permanent University Millán Santos, students must report their data (name, surnames, dni and email address UVa) as well as the subjects of computer science that has enrolled in the direction Once you perform an audit of your tuition with these data, access information will be sent to your email grape.

If the personal address of the grape is unknown:

    • Contact the center of attention to users of the UVa in the email or phone 983 423000

If not listed in of the registered subjects:

    • It is likely that the professor has hidden it while preparing it. Consult first with the teacher.

IMPORTANT (directed to all students, new and past courses): It is no longer necessary to carry out the process of the student account activation. All students are automatically activated to check that they are enrolled in subjects of plans of computer science who taught at the school of computer engineering. There is the option of Reset key, to obtain a new key generated by the system.

To obtain the account information, the student agrees to accept the rules for the use of computing resources.

Use of laboratories

The school of computer science offers the following laboratories with PCs:

  • In the first floor of the building: six laboratories to practices of the subjects (1L001 - 1L 006), the laboratory “Agustín de God” (1L018), It is open during the hours of Center for students and two seminars with configurable tables to work in groups, practices, etc.. under the supervision of a Professor. These seminars must be previously reserved to make use of them.
    • The laboratory “Agustín de God” available equipment for its current use by students, except in the last row, that do not have computers and is reserved so that students can work with their laptops.
    • Occasionally, the laboratory can be booked “Agustín de God” for teaching or courses. In this case it could open temporarily another unoccupied laboratory, for free use by students, According to availability.
  • In the ground floor: the lab or classroom of r & d, for practices of the subjects.

All PCs of the laboratories have the same boot configuration, that allows to select between Windows (version 10) and Linux (Ubuntu 18.04). Once booted the system, the student will introduce the personal account of school data to log.

All users of the laboratories shall comply with the instructions for use thereof.

Concerns about the use of the software available for students, they can be resolved in the Lab FAQ.

The school has several licenses software for students, that can be accessed from the main menu in: Support >> Software download.

The network EDUROAM wifi is available in all the grapes and thus also in our school. To configure this network go to the main menu: Support >> UVa Services >> Eduroam.

Computer support

Computer support

The technical group responsible for the maintenance of resources and general computer applications both as Director of the School and Teachers Laboratories consists of:

  • D. Alberto Gómez Martínez (Titulado Superior Equipos Informáticos). (ext. 3634)
  • D. Adolfo Iglesias Roldán (Titulado de Grado Medio TIC). (ext. 3634)
  • D. Fernando Javier Rodríguez Aparicio (Operador de Informática). (ext.3634)

For any problems or submit suggestions concerning web site and the computers and applications laboratories:

  • Use the incident management system (teachers and students): [Manual incident system]
  • When it is not possible or appropriate to use the incident system you can use the following email address:
  • Can also be put in touch with these people in the phone numbers listed above (Mark 983-423634 If you are calling from a phone outside the University).

Postal address:

Técnicos de Laboratorio
Escuela de Ingeniería Informática
Edificio de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones
Campus Miguel Delibes
Paseo de Belén, número 15

Updated 6 in October of 2023