Installation of the Windows operating system

Step 1: Installation of the Windows operating system

  • Access the page Home Microsoft imagine from

  • Once the page, login using the data received in the mail UVa, and select the entry page “Windows 7”
    • NOTE: if no data received in the mail at the beginning of the course UVa-after the announcement of the launch platform for the corresponding course- you can retrieve them from the option Did you forget your user name or password? introducing the grape as user name email.

  • Choose the 64-bit version with Service Pack 1 integrated and press “Add to cart”:

  • Press “buy”:

  • Read and accept the privacy statement:

  • Press “Continue”:

  • Press “Continue with the order”:

  • Copy the product key (cleared by security in this image) and press in “Start download”:

  • To download you need to download a page download client called Secure Download Manager (PD.), to do this click on “Download SDM”:

  • Once downloaded run it and install it on the computer, return to the previous page and click on “Download.SDX”:

  • Once downloaded double click on him and opens the Secure Download Manager, choose where you want to save the Windows image file 7 press on “Start download”:

  • Once the download is complete click on “Run” and open us the location where you downloaded the file:

  • A file will be downloaded.ISO that you can burn to a DVD or a software USB drive Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool . So once downloaded the software install it and run it:

  • Click on “Browse”, Choose the file.Previously downloaded ISO and press “Next”:

  • Choose the type of media (in this case we choose “USB device”):

  • Choose the USB drive where we want to burn the image (IMPORTANT: WILL ERASE ALL DATA!!) and click on “Begin copying”:

  • Once the copy is complete remove the USB drive:

  • Connect the USB drive to the laptop loan and turn it on.
  • As soon as the Acer logo appears press F12 and when the boot menu choose the USB drive.
  • Installation of Windows 7 will start automatically. If you are installing Linux is important when making partitions allow space set aside for later installation.
  • Once Windows is installed you can download the latest drivers from the page of ACER

Step 2: Installation of the Linux operating system