Installation of the Linux operating system

Step 2: Installation of the Linux operating system

  • We go to the Ubuntu download page by clicking here and select the system of 64 bits and then click on “Start Download”. Then, It will begin to download an ISO image with Ubuntu Linux to our team.
  • Once downloaded the ISO file, We have two options: burn it and install it from a CD/DVD or do it in a pendrive of at least 2 GB, for what you will need software that runs from Windows and is called Universal USB Installer, which you can download from here. In this guide we will explain the procedure for installation through a USB memory.
  • Execute the Universal USB Installer application and select in step 1 the Ubuntu distribution 12.04 Desktop, in step 2 We choose the location of the ISO file that we have downloaded above and in step 3 Select the letter of the USB drive (IMPORTANT: WILL ERASE ALL DATA!!) and click on “Create”:

Universal USB

  • When the process is complete, extract the USB drive safely and turn off the laptop.
  • Connect the USB drive to the laptop loan and it turn on.
  • As soon as the Acer logo appears press F12 and when the boot menu appears choose the USB drive.
  • The Linux installation begin automatically.
  • Then, Select the Spanish language or failing, that you prefer for the operating system and click on “Install”.


  • During the installation, It is possible that we will have the option of having the laptop connected to the Internet so that lower packages most updated. If we have this possibility, Ubuntu will detect it automatically and you will have the option of pressing on “Download updates while you install”. Also we can install third-party software (for example, to play MP3 audio files) but this option is the choice of the user, Depending on your philosophy, Choose an option or another. After choosing the options that most interest us, Click on “Continue”.


  • As we supposedly installed Windows before installing Linux, We should have an unpartitioned space, by what we will choose the option of “Install Ubuntu alongside Microsoft Windows”. The other options are for advanced users. Once selected the desired option, Click on “Continue”.

  • Then, will be installing the Linux distribution, and while installed is going to ask us to introduce our city (Madrid), and data as our name, computer name, password, etc.… We will be filling as it is asking us to.


  • Once all these steps already have installed Ubuntu installed with Windows and the next boot, before starting any operating system, will get us a menu to select the operating system that we want to start the laptop.

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