Student and Alumni Initiatives

Runners-up of Spain in the III National CyberLeague of the Civil Guard

This team consists of 3 current INdat students – joint program Computer Engineering + Statistics of our School and by 2 UVa alumni, one of them also from our School . . . → Read more

Adrián Arroyo Calle winner of the student award in the Fifth Open Data Contest

With your project “Route x Route x Castilla y León” . . . → Read more

Alvaro Martin, student of the school, vencedor del concurso 'Comienza El Camino con tu videojuego'

His project 'La Compostela' is a game to promote the Camino de Santiago in which to play they are scanning beacons signaling the road to answer questions in augmented reality . . . → Read more

Finalist in the selection of projects of the XVI HP Technological Observatory 2021

Our former student, always Alumni, Javier Gatón Herguedas, was a finalist in the XVI HP Technology Observatory 2021 . . . → Read more

InDat student Héctor de la Torre Díaz has been selected in Huawei's international training program The future of ICT

This selection includes training in CLoud Computing, 5G and Big Data by professionals in the sector . . . → Read more

Alvaro Martín Gutierrez, UVa Computer Engineering student, has won the Explorer University of Valladolid Space program 2021

Alvaro's winning project consists of a system that allows to ventilate any room by opening the windows without losing the interior temperature . . . → Read more

Two students from our School selected for stays in important Research Centers

In both cases the result of rigorous and competitive selection processes to which numerous candidates from all over Europe are presented . . . → Read more

The former student of the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid Ismael Pérez Martín has been awarded the 1st TFG award of the course 2018-2019 convened by Valladolid City Council

The award-winning End-of-Grade Work consists of the development of a system with graphical interface to monitor in real time the situation of coverage areas of a city. . . . → Read more

A team of students from our School qualifies for the final of the II National Cyber League GC

The Ping-Pwn team is made up of students from our. Among the members of other teams also qualified for the final are students and alumni of our School . . . → Read more

A student from our School, winner of the Fourth Open Data Competition of the Junta de Castilla y León

David raised population, student of our School, has won the award, in student category, of the Fourth Open Data Competition organized by the Junta de Castilla y León, with its TurisCyL app: Plan your Castile and Leon trip. . . . → Read more

A student of our School in team UVa winner of the second prize of the international phase of #Hack4Edu


A multidisciplinary team from the UVa participated in #Hack4Edu. The UVa participated as an ally of this event and proposed the YoLoFácil-TúLoImportante challenge, that was solved by this team in just 3 days. . . . → Read more

A UVa team qualifies for the Semifinals of the second edition of the National Cyber League organized by the Civil Guard

This team consists mostly of students from our School but with the participation of other disciplines, demonstrates the necessary multidisciplinaryity of Cybersecurity in which it is also important to take into account legal aspects, communication and management strategies. . . . → Read more

Victor Cowboy, student of INdat, wins the Hackathon Covidien-19

This project is inspired by Victor's End of Grade Work, he develops at the School of Computer Engineering and will allow him to participate in the Mentor program and be accompanied by a group of experts until the product is marketed . . . → Read more

Helpacket Initiative

Several former UVa have launched a collaborative platform that aims to connect agents capable of providing sanitary equipment with those who need it (as nursing homes, health centres or hospitals) . . . → Read more

John Herruzo, student of the school, selected to participate in the Zero Carbon Hack

You will face the challenge of building a sustainable building with the environment and minimizing the carbon footprint . . . → Read more

School students win First and Third Prizes at 'Capture the Flag event' Regional Cybersecurity Forum for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

The Director of the School, Benjamin Sahelices, participated in this event and was part of the roundtable that analyzed the situation of cybersecurity in the technological environment of the region. . . . → Read more

Two students from the school of computer engineering award at the III contest of open data of the Junta de Castilla y León

The students of the school of engineering computer science David population servant and Adrian Brook Street have been awarded . . . → Read more

Great result of students of the school of computer engineering in the Cybercamp 2018

Our students won the special mention for the best project presented entirely by students and another award in the single CTF competition . . . → Read more

Adrián del Prado: How to prepare for competitions of cybersecurity

Participate as a student in the activities organized by the school also helped Adrian in preparation . . . → Read more

Adrián del Prado, student of the school, the European Cyber Security Challenge Winner 2017

It is the largest technical Championship at European level in the field of cybersecurity . . . → Read more