Dual Degree: Degree in computer engineering + Degree in Statistics

    With INdat you will have both degrees, Computer Engineering and Degree in Statistics.

    The double degree began to be taught in the course 2014/2015. Consists of 336 credits organized in 5 years.

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    In INdat only the mandatory internship correspond with degree in computer engineering by what are taken 12 credits in a company linked to the computer science, as with the other colleagues in the computer engineering degree. There are no compulsory credits associated with the degree in statistics though it is possible to study them, always as extension of the practices in company mandatory already mentioned.

    Course coordinators
    • First course: Teresa Gonzalez and Carlos Marijuán
    • Second course: Arancha Simon and Lourdes beard
    • Third year: Jesus Tapia and Carlos lively
    • Fourth year: Lourdes Barba and Mercedes Martinez
    • Fifth course: Manuel neighborhood and Bonifacio Salvador
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