COVID-19 case management

To facilitate the management of COVID-19 cases that are occurring, we remember the importance of following established protocols to that end at the University of Valladolid:

In the case of students: Brief COVID-19 student guide
In the case of the POI and the PAS: Instructions for COVID delegates at the centres
All information is kept up to date at the following link:

For cases COVID CONFIRMED students, PAS or the POI, delegate Covid ( you have to collect a series of data.

If there is the case of covid confirmed, we would ask you to send us all the information you have from the following points:

  • Name and surname, DAYS, e-mail, PCR+ phone and date
    This data will be reported to the UVa ( To preserve the right to privacy and the protection of personal data of those affected, will not be provided to anyone else.
  • Data from possible "narrow contacts"
    People who may have been less than 2 Meters, for more than 15 minutes without a mask, during the 48 hours before the date of diagnosis. This data will be provided to Public Health, if you request them. If masks were used at all times, both students and teachers, the safety distance was maintained and the classrooms were ventilated, would not be considered close contacts.
  • Classrooms where confirmed cases have been, along with teacher data.

As is obvious, none of the students, PAS and POI with confirmed COVID must attend the School, and will remain in solitary confinement until told by Public Health.

More complete information at