Photo Gallery: 2ª Exhibition spaces of wit

This second edition of the fair was developed in the ETS engineering agricultural in the Campus of the Yutera (Palencia) and was attended by more than 300 students from eight institutes of Valladolid and Palencia . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: Catalysts Coding Contest 2017

Photos of the Catalysts Coding Contest competition which took place in the Hedy Lamarr at the school of computer science room the 31 March of 2017 . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: The School of Computer Engineering pays tribute to Professor Agustín de Dios

Photos of the tribute held at the School of Computer Engineering to the recently deceased Professor Augustine of God. . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: Gymkana 'Juego de Códigos'

Photos of the Gymkhana “Game of Codes”, held on 7 December at the School of Computer Engineering . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: Hour of Code 2016

Photos taken by Yania Crespo at a special event held at the School within the initiative Computer Science Education Week promoted internationally by the organization Workshops were held for beginners and advanced several programming languages . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: Visit to the data centre Global Switch - EAM Madrid

On Monday 14 November the School of Computer science conducted a visit to the data centre at Global Switch Madrid, invited by EAM. A total of 41 students accompanied the Principal of the School, Benjamin Sahelices, and the Director-General of EAM Computer Systems, Manuel A. Fernández González . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: ‘ Tournament of the 0011 Wizards’

Photos of this programming contest aimed at students in the first year . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: IBM - Welcome to the Era Cognitive

Photos of the day IBM. In the talk is talked about IBM Watson, IBM Academic Initiative and IBM jobs. . . . → Read more