The first week in grade and INdat schedule

Focus Group first quarter

– Ing degree. Computer science: Friday 13, 13:00, Classroom 06
– Double Degree INDAT: Friday 13, 13:00, Classroom 05 . . . → Read more

Proposed List of TFG 2014/2015 (Second Call)

Summer stays in European supercomputing centers

The European consortium has launched PRACE 20 scholarships for European students oriented to spend time in the major European supercomputing centers next summer and collaborate on projects related to HPC . . . → Read more

Interview Celtic Woman at the School of Computing

The Wednesday 11 February to the 17:10, UVA rays, The UVa program in the Wave, Celtic Woman will interview live in the old library . . . → Read more

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Temporary shutdown of the computer system

On Wednesday 14 January starting at 12 hours shall be a shutdown of the computer system to diagnose the causes that are causing the repeated failures have been suffering in recent weeks.
As a result the school will no network, therefore, not function laboratories or classrooms platform. The stop will last approximately 2 hours. . . . → Read more

Defense TFG in January 2015

The deadline for submitting applications for defense of TFG ends 12 in January of 2015.

Exposure of TFG day 22 and 23 January 2015

See more information in Courts and Shifts of Defense

Call. Extraordinary end of career 2014-15

Examination dates for ITI Management, ITI Systems and Grade . . . → Read more