El proyecto 'Gamificación en la Enseñanza Universitaria de la Informática' He received an honorable mention in the educational innovation award 2018 Social Council

The prize was collected by Alma María Pisabarro Marrón, Member of the study group on teaching innovation in computer science and Professor of the school of computer engineering . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: food tribute to retired teachers

Held 23 in November of 2018, Hedy Lamarr in the school room . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: Yincana de Programación 'ProgrAvengers'

Photos taken the 14 November during this activity . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: Academic graduation Promotion Act 2014-2018

Photos of the ceremony of graduation day 29 in June of 2018, in room Hedy Lamarr of the computing Ei. . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: Coding Contest 2018

Photos taken during the contest's international programming Coding Contest last Friday 27 April . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: Gymkhana programming – The codes of the hunger

Photos of the second programming "The codes of hunger" held gymkhana the 15 in November of 2017 School of Computer Engineering . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: Coding Contest - 20 in October of 2017

Photos of the Coding Contest, an international programming contest, held the last Friday 20 October, in the school of computer science engineering in Valladolid. . . . → Read more

Photo Gallery: Talk of the Sothis group. Technology in the enterprise and career

Photos of the talk of the day 4 in October of 2017 . . . → Read more