Lab FAQ: Transfer files to the account of the school

From the laboratories of the school

Since installing the School laboratories can access the files of our account automatically once you've started in to any of the available operating systems.

From Windows, we can access common data drive Z: and the profile of Linux on the drive and:

From Linux, can access both shared data and the Windows profile in $ HOME / Windows.


From outside the laboratories of the school

For access to our data from outside the laboratories of the school, either at home, or anywhere else in the world, need to use the SFTP protocol to connect to the file server.

To do this, use any SFTP client and we will use the following data:

  • Host:
  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Port: 22
  • Remote Directory: /USER /

A good platform client for this purpose is the FileZilla. Once installed, the configuration is simple. The first, to open the progam, press the first button that is located below the menu bar.


Then, in the window that has opened, Server data fill, Port, Protocol, Access mode, Username and Password (put the user name and password for the account of the school), as shown in the following image.


Without closing the window Site Manager, go to the Advanced tab, and introduce the default remote directory / user /, so that in this way, to make the connection, automatically go to our data directory.


Finally. click on the OK Connect, and immediately see our remote directory (School server) and local disk.


Now we just have to drag files from your local computer to the remote or vice versa to Exchange files between your PC and the file of the school server.

It usamos in a separate ow Filezilla, is possible that the directory. linux appears we, so we have to enter the full path (/user / .linux) to access data from Linux.

In Linux, and for more advanced users, also can use SSHFS to mount point to the file server.