Lab FAQ: Windows profile

Firefox displays a message 'underway' and is not released

Firefox displays a message ' running’ and is not released

This occurs when there is an abnormal circumstance and the profile of Firefox crashes. If you delete the file ' parent.lock’ the Firefox profile folder, You can reenter. However, a problem added the remote location sharing of files which makes Firefox not write correctly the location of the profile in the profiles.ini file exists in the installation of laboratories, so the parent.lock elimination is not enough to solve the problem.

The technicians have done a manual adjustment of shape now profile of Firefox is stored on route Z:\Firefox, which has been updated conveniently also in the profiles.ini file.

I've exceeded my quota, I can not work normally

I've exceeded my quota, I can not work normally.

The maximum size of the Windows profile is of 10GB (shared Linux account). If this limit is exceeded inadvertently, delete files by the user will not return to quota limits, Since the system at the next logon will return to restore those deleted files. You must put in contact with technicians of computer science of the school so that they enable again the profile.