Lab FAQ: Print on Windows

When printing in the Windows session, two printers will always be available, an identified as Reprography b & w and another as a Color reprography.

Both printers are physically located in the reprography of the building, that is where you must collect and pay impressions.

IMPORTANT: Jobs are not automatically printed. They remain in a queue until the student is physically moved to the reprographics and printing requests thereof. If you do not want to print what you were told there are two options: leave it in the queue (two days is deleted) passing by copying and indicate that it erased. NOTHING THAT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR PRINTED USER'S OWN


Steps for printing from an application on your Windows session

  1. Select ‘ print’ or ‘ Print ’, Depending on the application concerned.
  2. Select the desired printer, Reprography b & w for black and white prints and Reprography Color for color prints.
    • You can select various printing options. The expensive double option is available.

      The Color printer properties
      Black and white printer properties

  3. Once the job has been printed, will happen to be collected and paid by the reprography Centre. It is necessary to indicate the user name (login) of laboratories, so that the work of the user can be identified.

  5. Prices are as follows (to day 10/2/2014):
    • Each copy in black and white: 0,03 €
    • Each copy in color: 0,25 €
    • If printed double-sided, the price per sheet will be the two copies.
    • Also supports carry the work in USB to reprography, instead of printing them from the laboratories. This option is recommended for printing special formats or very large files.