Setting the AMD Radeon graphics card in Ubuntu

For new loan laptops work correctly in Ubuntu and allow the monitors connected to the laboratory L104 and extend the desktop you need to follow several steps.

The first step is to install proprietary drivers from AMD, this requires opening the program “Software and updates” de Ubuntu, once opened go to the tab “Additional Drivers”:


Once there select the option “Using video driver it graphics accelerator from AMD fglrx-updates (privative)”:


We asked for the password:


After installation it will request reboot (it is sufficient to restart the X server).

Once you reboot you have to run the software configuration AMD (Catalyst Control Center), for this we must open a terminal window and run the command “sudo amdcccle”. Once opened, click on “Screen Manager”:


With the external monitor you click on its icon:



Option is selected “Multi-display desktop with(s) screen(s) 1”:


Changes are applied and already has the extended desktop to the external monitor.