The Wednesday talks

Upcoming Talks

Upcoming Talks on Wednesday

School of computer engineering, in collaboration with companies and institutions plans to offer the following “The Wednesday talks”:

We remind you that these activities have academic recognition with its equivalent in ECTS.

On the other hand, report that talks are open also to the public in general, While the seating.

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General information

Wednesday Talks program re-launched with some changes to adapt to the new situation. The need for adaptation is given by:

  • bimodal academic organization, with a portion of the students attending the center in face-to-face mode on site, and another party receiving classes in face-to-face online mode.
  • the uncertain and unpredictable scenario motivated by the Covid19 pandemic.
  • the need for control and evaluation of the activity for credit recognition.
  • the training component that the Wednesday Talks program should have, in addition to presenting business activity that may be of interest to students. There will be a course in where all the students of the School will be enrolled. This course will share a webex link for the follow-up of the talk by students who wish to participate and are following the teaching activity in face-to-face online mode. Students who are attending teaching activity at the school, and wish to participate in the activity, go to the General Laboratory Professor Augustine of God (1L018). Business speakers will decide how they make their presentations (from the School or its facilities). If you make the presentation from your premises, the talk will be screened at the General Laboratory for all attendees. Due to the need for assistance control and the evaluation of the activity for the recognition of credits, this activity will be carried out as follows:

    Each talk will have associates in the Moodle course listed above

    • an attendance pass at some point in the development of the talk and at the end of the talk.
    • a test with 5 "single multi-answer choice" questions proposed by the speakers that will be open from the 12:00 up to the 14:00 of the day of the talk.
    • a .pdf file upload task that will be open throughout the day of the talk for each attendee to upload a brief summary of this and a brief personal assessment of what was learned in that talk. These three points will be what will be taken into account in recognising the use of the activity as part of the possible recognition of credits.