The Wednesday talks

Upcoming Talks

Upcoming Talks on Wednesday

School of computer engineering, in collaboration with companies and institutions plans to offer the following “The Wednesday talks”:


No more talks planned yet


We remind you that these activities have academic recognition with its equivalent in ECTS.

On the other hand, report that talks are open also to the public in general, While the seating.

Course 2020-2021

Course 2019-2020

Course 2018-2019

Course 2017-2018

Course 2016-2017

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Course 2012-2013

General information

School of computer engineering offer a set of conferences and seminars that will be held during the academic year of each course as cultural activities with recognition for the studies of the degree in computer engineering, and that usually take place on Wednesdays starting at the 12 the half-day.

Participation in these talks is included in the catalogue of academic recognition of credits by other activities for students of the University of Valladolid.

Per block of 12,5 hours, not necessarily performed in a same academic year, they will be recognized 0,5 credits.

The maximum number of ECTS credits that may be recognized in each course is 2.

Evaluation of the activity

From the course 2018-19, to get the certificate needed to apply for recognition of credits from the activities associated to the “The Wednesday talks”, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Sign attendance sheets.
  2. Direction Secretary delivered a memoria-resumen of the program of talks and lectures in which have participated during the academic year at the end of the same. The memory must include a relationship by chronological order of all the talks which it has attended (title, day, brief description), the personal assessment of those who have found it of greater interest and its conclusions about the utility of the activity in general.