The Wednesday talks

Upcoming Talks

Upcoming Talks on Wednesday

ETSI computing, in collaboration with companies and institutions plans to offer the following “The Wednesday talks”:


Charla Solid Gear Academy Wednesday, 7 February's 2018, 12h a 13h
Talk Everis Wednesday, 14 of February's 2018, 13h a 14h
Talk GMV Wednesday, 21 February's 2018, 12h a 13h
Fortinet talk cybersecurity Wednesday, 28 of February's 2018, 12h a 13h
Talk Silverstorm Wednesday, 7 March of 2018, 12h a 13h
Talk Inclam Wednesday, 21 March of 2018, 12h a 13h
Alberto Hernandez talk, former student Wednesday, 28 March of 2018, 12h a 13h
Cabrero bald sea talk, former student Wednesday, 11 of April of 2018, 12h a 13h
Talk of Rafael Sillero of Catalysts Wednesday, 25 April of 2018, 12h a 13h
Presentation mentions Bachelor and Master in computer engineering Wednesday, 2 may of 2018, 12h a 13h
Charla de Leonel Sousa Wednesday, 9 may of 2018, 12h to 13:30h
Google talk (by Alberto González, former student) Wednesday, 16 may of 2018, 12h a 13h
No more talks planned yet


Please remember that attendance at these activities have academic recognition to its equivalent in ECTS.

On the other hand, report that talks are open also to the public in general, While the seating.

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General information

The school of computer engineering offer cultural activities with recognition for the studies of Bachelor in computer engineering and Bachelor in Ingeniero informático de Sistemas a set of conferences and seminars that will be held during the academic year of each course, and that usually take place on Wednesdays starting at the 12 the half-day.

For the students of our courses (the current Degree in computer engineering, Degree in computer systems engineering, and previous Computer science engineering, Technical engineering in computer systems, and computer engineering, In addition to the students of the Adaptation course grades) assistance to these activities will be recognized with between 1 and 2 ECTS credits per academic year, Depending on the number and duration of the talks. In each lecture/seminar organized by the school will be an attendance control.