The Wednesday talks

Upcoming Talks

Upcoming Talks on Wednesday

School of computer engineering, in collaboration with companies and institutions plans to offer the following “The Wednesday talks”:

We remind you that these activities have academic recognition with its equivalent in ECTS.

On the other hand, report that talks are open also to the public in general, While the seating.

The talks/workshops will be face-to-face. In each case, streaming will be valued. This transmission will always be using the following link:

Attendance management and summary delivery:

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General information

The Wednesday Talks program begins again, which progressively recovers all possible normality, trying to move to face-to-face.

However, some measures should be maintained, apart from mask use and ventilation, the capacity reduction in force at all times must be maintained and we do not pass signature sheets.

Assistance is usually taken through:, in which each talk/workshop has its activity of marking the attendance by the students and also an activity of uploading the file to attach a pdf with a brief summary of what was learned and the impressions about the talk.

In general, the talks will be held in the Assembly Hall. However, some workshop type can be organized in a laboratory for better functioning.

In each case it will be assessed if the session, in addition to face-to-face, can be followed by videoconference. The link will be the same on each occasion (, although it can be found on the School's website and in

Updated 6 in October of 2021