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Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

School of computer engineering, in collaboration with different companies and institutions plans to offer the following “Meetings with companies”:

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General information

The already traditional program of the School of Computer Engineering "Meetings with Computer Science Companies (The Wednesday talks)" known informally so far only by the surname "Wednesday Talks" will take a new form this year.. Keeping its initial name "Encounters with Computer Companies", and temporarily dispensing with the surname, will be held at two times of the course 2022-2023. "Meetings with Computer Companies" will take shape through two events presented below.

The First event will be held on 20 and 21 in October of 2022 under the name:

“Meetings with IT Companies

University+Business: Present and Future of Informatics”

It will take the form of an employment forum and approach to participating IT companies through stands in the Hedy Lamarr Room and a conference consisting of a set of presentations, Conferences and workshops given by the companies sponsoring the event.

In the employment forum students will be able to approach companies, Know opportunities, deliver CVs, and even companies, if they wish, will have a space to organize interviews.

We will celebrate coffee breaks as an excellent opportunity for networking and we will finish with a farewell Spanish wine on Friday 21 October, Excellent time to strengthen ties created during the event.

The students of the last courses will have the support of their teachers who will change the classes of the morning of Thursday and Friday so that they can participate in the event in full.

Students who register for the event and attend all plenary and parallel sessions of conferences and workshops as well as the exhibition of company stands will be able to receive the recognition of 1 ECTS whenever, additionally, Visit the stands of the companies and send to the organization of the event ( his LinkedIn profile and his portfolio of GitHub projects worked as a cover letter to the labor market.

Registered students will be able to participate in the coffees on the days 20 and 21 of October as well as the Spanish wine of farewell of the event the 21 October. Being these exceptional moments to interact with the participating companies.

Non-registered students will be able to freely visit the stands, Entering a conference or workshop, Provided that the capacity allows it, always having priority in these cases those previously registered. Non-enrolled students will not be eligible for credit recognition, But it will be an excellent opportunity to meet and approach the participating companies.

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The Second event will be held on 14, 15 and 16 April of 2023 under the name:

“Meetings with IT Companies

Hackathon <>”

A group of collaborating and sponsoring companies will propose challenges that students enrolled in teams will solve throughout both days.

The day 14 April of 2023 (Friday) The event will start in the afternoon. The teams will decide the challenge they will work on, They will be able to start work and continue their work throughout the Sabbath 15 April. Sunday 16 April will present the projects developed and after the deliberation of the jury will be held the awards ceremony and closing.

Registered students participating in the Hackathon will be eligible for the recognition of 1 ECTS provided that at the end of the event they present the project developed as a solution to the chosen challenge. In addition, The teams will compete for the prizes offered by the companies that propose the challenges.