The Digital Bulletin of the School of Computer Engineering

A new event organized by the School

As you know, the School of Engineering at Valladolid has organized a series of activities that have been recognized by the UVa with corresponding ECTS. Until last year we had only the “The Wednesday talks” which also included several workshops and seminars, and the collaboration in the creation and maintenance of the Museum of Computing.

This year we also propose a new activity, especially directed to all students:


The objective of this activity is to encourage student participation in the dissemination of computer-related content, not necessarily from a formal and theoretical perspective, also playful and For all audiences.

How to work with Digital Bulletin

If you have fun experimenting, building, creating, discovering, diving in the history of computing… You can find your site in the newsletter.

This newsletter shall bring out what you: writing articles, choosing which ones are published, checking them, maquetando, publishing… Shall count with the support of the Centre in terms of infrastructure for electronic publication, and certainly you can also count on our teachers to offer any advice.

This is a digital newsletter, paperless. But what also needs to be attractive digital. Another way to collaborate is helping in the layout or revision of work.

Initially you thought of publishing two newsletters per academic year, but the final number will depend on the number of jobs that are available.

Your work in the Digital Bulletin brings Account…

There is also a small reward for students who collaborate in the newsletter. The partners in the bulletin may earn a maximum recognition 2 ECTS (equivalente a 50 hours) per academic year.
The number of hours that will recognize the student who participates in the newsletter will come given, among others, by the following parameters:

  • The number of papers / articles submitted and published.
  • The originality of published work.
  • The quality of published work.

A student may have no more than 2 published papers per academic year.

The work of editors and layout artists will also be recognized with the corresponding hours / ECTS.

At the end of each edition, the publisher will make a reasoned written report of the work done by all participating students, indicating the number of hours / ECTS that is proposed to give each participant. The report will be delivered to the Department of Student Computer ETSI, who based on it will do the timely recognition of credits.

If you are interested…

contact the deputy director of student sending an email with your details and interests with the subject “Boletín Digital“.

Shortly we will contact with all stakeholders and make a briefing.

Go ahead and participate!