School activities

Hour of Code 2021

The next 1 of December, join the world's largest learning event, celebrating Computer Science, Programming, the computer engineering . . . → Read more

Associations Day 2021

From the 13:00 in the reading room of the Hedy Lamarr some associations will organize talks as a presentation . . . → Read more

The National Cyberleague is back!!!

It is important to prepare the registration in advance because you have to attach supporting documentation . . . → Read more

University Cybersecurity Group Talk (SUGUS): 'Introducción a Linux'

Our School of Computer Engineering's Sugus Student Association will offer an interactive talk on Getting Started with Linux through the School's twitch channel . . . → Read more

School party 2021

This Friday 5 and Saturday 6 March School celebrates its festivities in this strange 2021. How great our students who have prepared incredible activities! . . . → Read more

Celebrated on the 1stª Computing Olympiad of Castile and León

The programming competition was held without incident throughout 3 hours and until the end he was very close in his first positions. . . . → Read more

1ª Computing Olympiad of Castile and León

The School of Computer Engineering of the University of Valladolid (UVa) organizes the 1st Computer Olympiad of Castile and León as a regional qualifying event for the Spanish Computer Olympiad. They participate 40 ESO and Baccalaureate students from the region. . . . → Read more

Initiation workshop to LaTeX

As is tradition in the GUI, this year we will also do a LaTeX workshop ,adapting to a bimodal approach. It will take place on Wednesday 9 December at L103 at 16:00, and will last 2 hours.

LaTeX is a word processor where you can have control of . . . → Read more

Hour of Code 2020

In a different situation but with the same desire as ever, we've re-organized our particular Hour of Code event (HourOfCode). It will be held on Wednesday 25 November of this year 2020. As is traditional, introductory workshops are offered to programming languages, and intermediate and advanced workshops This year we offer 6 initiation workshops and others 6 intermediate/advanced workshops in bimodal format. . . . → Read more

Association Day 2020

Associations Day

*Video: Association Day 2020

The day 23 October will be Association Day.

Due to the circumstances that govern this academic year, we must adapt to the bimodal format and respect for safety and hygiene measures.

Por tanto este año el Día de las Asociaciones . . . → Read more

Second edition of the National Cyberspace Challenge League

The Civil Guard has launched the second edition of the National League of Challenges in Cyberspace, that will take place between the days 28 October to 20 de diciembre del presente año y en la que pueden participar jóvenes que se encuentran cursando alguna titulación oficial universitaria del Espacio Europeo de Educación . . . → Read more

Bots Workshop on Discord

From the University Computer Group we have prepared a bot workshop for Discord. The first steps to create your bot and the basics will be shown. . . . → Read more

School party 2020

From The Delegation of Students will organize a serious of activities for the school party. All tournaments will be held on Thursday 5 March, eve of the school party . . . → Read more

Introductory workshop for DOCKER

From the University Computer Group, an introductory workshop will be organized to Docker. This is a widely used tool nowadays, which allows applications to be encapsulated so that they can run on any machine in the background.

This tool is in high demand today, by . . . → Read more

Hour of Code 2019

We're in the final stretch to sign up for The Hour of Code, extended the registration period until Friday 22 November . . . → Read more

Git Workshop November 2019

It's a great opportunity to learn how to use version control tools and have all the changes of your projects in the cloud . . . → Read more

Teamwork workshop and Application Prototyping

In this workshop you will learn how to develop an idea and turn it, with the help of other people, in a working prototype, feedbacked by users and ready to be started to develop. . . . → Read more

LaTeX workshop 2019

Come and move to LaTeX in your text documents getting professional results in a simple way . . . → Read more

Presentation Developer Student Clubs

In this short presentation you will discover a new university community: Developer Student Clubs, organised by Google at European level for the first time. . . . → Read more

University Cybersecurity Group Talk

The University Cybersecurity Group will be presented and a talk will be held at the CTF competitions (Capture the Flag) along with a case study . . . → Read more

Install Party 2019

It is an event focused on those started in the race or interested in Linux where we will show you what Linux is and we will help you install it . . . → Read more

First National Interuniversity League of Challenges in Cyberspace

It will be held at the School of Computer Engineering on 15 in October of 2019. Registration required . . . → Read more

GIT workshop 2019

Would you like to learn how to work with versions and as a team and stop working with the typical files “proyecto_final_de_verdad_1”? . . . → Read more

Workshop of the Terminal in Linux

The workshop will depart from very basic to more advanced levels. Do not miss it! . . . → Read more

School party 2019

On the occasion of the celebration of the school of computer engineering, Since the University computer science and UvaCoders group we promote a range of activities to celebrate the day. It participates! . . . → Read more

Introduction to Hacking workshop

It will be attended by Adrián de el Prado and Borja Martínez, members of the Spanish team of hacking.
Enrollment in the school Secretary's address. . . . → Read more

Lua workshop oriented video games

On Friday 8 February to the 16:30 will be taught a workshop through the Lua language and the Love2D tool will create a small Space Invaders didactic and very simple . . . → Read more

Gymkhana of programming: 'ProgrAvengers'

This course took part students of third and fourth as mentors who have trained at some of the participating teams . . . → Read more

Hour of Code 2018

This year we offer you 12 initiation workshops and others 5 advanced workshops, as a particular case we with 1 initiation-advanced joint workshop . . . → Read more

¡New cybersecurity group!

Some students at the school we are assembling a group of cybersecurity. No prior knowledge is not necessary, simply feel like . . . → Read more

Introductory LaTeX workshop 2018

It will take place on Wednesday, 31 October to the 16:00 in the lab. R & D (ground floor) . . . → Read more

Install Party 2018

They see the Install Party on Thursday 27 September starting from the 16:00. You wait in the room for Hedy Lamarr to learn how to install Linux on your laptop . . . → Read more

Deprogramming Enigma - School party

On the occasion of the celebration of the school, held this programming Gymkhana on Thursday 8 March from 12 o'clock in the classroom 101. . . . → Read more

Hash Code 2018

The Goblin group, in collaboration with RDNest and the school of computer engineering, It has organized a Hub for the celebration of the local phase of the competition . . . → Read more

Introductory workshop to C++ 2017

This workshop is aimed at those people who have never programmed in C++ and are about to release their programming skills in this broad language, or who want to strengthen their basic knowledge of this language . . . → Read more

Hour of Code 2017

To participate in the workshops it is necessary to know programming in any programming language, be eager to learn and bring a portable . . . → Read more

Introduction to competitive programming workshop

The basic concepts and platforms that keep practicing problems will be taught . . . → Read more

LaTeX workshop

In this LaTeX course we will learn to generate a high typographic quality documents, perfect for work or scientific documents . . . → Read more

The Coding Contest brings to 38 programmers at the school of computer engineering

The Valladolid-based organization has been carried out by UVaCoders, the algorithms and competitive programming team at UVa . . . → Read more

Gymkhana programming – The codes of the hunger

The 15 November the second programming gymkhana was held at our school “The codes of the hunger”. This edition has been used a control group to measure the efficiency of these new methodologies in the learning . . . → Read more