Cognizant Lady Tech Scholarships


Cognizant Announces Lady Tech Scholarships. An initiative that reaffirms the company's commitment to promoting female participation in science disciplines, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Spain.

As part of its comprehensive approach to promoting the presence of women in the STEM field, Cognizant integrates these grants into a global framework that includes initiatives such as "Empowered Women" and specific programs for mid- and high-level managers of the company. It is important to note that women currently represent more than 100 people. 38% of Cognizant's global workforce, and more of the 21% in Spain.

The Cognizant Lady Tech Scholarships are Aimed at all those women who are in their final degrees of Computer Engineering Careers, telecommunications, mathematics, statistics or double degrees that include some of these degrees in a Spanish university. From 1 February and until the next 10 of that month, all interested parties can request one of the 10 scholarships in . The amount of the scholarship is 1000 euros and only applicable to subjects taken in the first call.

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NOTE: Please note that the deadline to apply ends next year. 10 February.