Maria Sanchez Villanueva, Alumni, of the Double Degree in Computer Engineering obtains the second prize 'Valladolid, Smart and climate-neutral city' for his TFG


The Mayor of Valladolid and the Rector of the UVa have delivered this Monday 15 in January of 2024 the 'Valladolid' Awards, Smart and climate-neutral city’ 2023 which recognises the best Bachelor's and Master's Thesis of the University of Valladolid passed in the courses 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

Maria Sanchez Villanueva, Already an alumni, of the Double Degree in Computer Engineering and Statistics obtained the second prize in the TFG category for his work: Application for the construction of a statistical model to calculate a typical meteorological year (TMY).

In this TFG María developed a software application that allows the implementation of a new statistical methodology for the calculation of a Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) to speed up and facilitate the calculations needed to estimate different TMYs used in the analysis of solar panel installation performance in different regions of the world.

This is closely linked to your TFG for the Bachelor's Degree in Statistics.

Professors Yolanda Larriba González, Miguel Alejandro Fernández Temprano was his tutor in the TFG of Statistics and Professor Belarmino Pulido Junquera was the tutor in the TFG of Computer Engineering.