The CloudFlight Coding Contest is here 2023


The CloudFlight Coding Contest, known as CCC, returns to the School of Computer Engineering for another year, with CloudFlight and local sponsor GRASP.

The meeting will take place in the Hedy Lamarr room of the Information Technologies and Telecommunications Building on the Miguel Delibes Campus, where our School of Computer Engineering is based. The contest is on Friday 20 and starts at 15:00, local time.

Students and graduates of careers in which programming is involved are invited to participate by organizing their teams, although you can also participate individually.

All the information and the link to the registrations in:

Cloudflight will award prizes to winners, through Amazon cards. The School of Computer Engineering will also reward the winners.

At the end of the awards ceremony there will be a raffle. A ticket for the raffle will be distributed for each participant of each team and for each level passed a ticket will be distributed again.

GRASP as a local sponsor will provide a snack to all participants to finish.

¡Cheer up! Join! ¡Learn! ¡Enjoy!