V NATIONAL CYBERLEAGUE registrations until 22 October ¡It participates!


The V National Cyberleague of the Guardia Civil is approaching, also known as Cyberspace Challenge League.

The competition has managed to position itself in the field of cybersecurity as a benchmark event, national and international, for the promotion of the talent of university and vocational training students.

Students can participate in 3 Disciplines: Technical-Systems (Bachelor's Degrees in Computer Science), legal (Law Degrees) & Communication (Bachelor's degrees in Information and Communication Sciences). You can compete in the individual modality (in one of the disciplines) or in teams.

You can check all the information on the website: https://nationalcyberleague.es

The registration period opened on the day 18 September and The 22 in October of 2023. On the website there is a link to the registration form.

We hope that the professors of the related degrees will promote the creation of teams and the students will participate as in previous years.

Our School has passed the program of recognition of credits for other activities, Recognition for the students' participation in this activity.

Participating students may have up to 1,5 ECTS as follows:

  • 0,5 for competing in the Qualifier
  • 0,5 for competing in the Semi-Final
  • 0,5 for competing in the Final.

The recognition is carried out by means of a certificate of participation of the Civil Guard in each phase. Presentation of the Secretary of the School of Computer Engineering.

Teams that are obtaining good results in each phase are asked to communicate this to the School for dissemination.