The Google Developer Student Club University of Valladolid, the Google Developer Group Valladolid formed by alumni, y Women TechMakers Valladolid organizan este viernes con la colaboración de nuestra Escuela el 'Keras Community Day'


The event will feature 3 parts:

  • Introduction to Keras (16-17h): learn what's new in Keras and how it works.
  • Keras for Computer Vision and Natural Language (17-18h): Discover the new features of Keras for Computer Vision and their integration with large language models (GPT, Flame…)
  • Eliminate Bias and Improve Algorithmic Fairness with Keras (18-19h): find out how Keras can help you create fair neural networks and algorithms that don't discriminate against people based on characteristics like race or gender.

More Information & Registration:

When? This Friday 29 September from 4pm to 7pm
Where? Classroom 104, School of Computer Engineering, UVa