Scholarship offer at Fever-up


Fever-up is a technological start-up in the leisure and entertainment industry. This is your product:

The founders of Fever are Spanish.

It recently reached the category of “unicorn”, In the jargon are those start-ups that reach a valuation higher than 1000 Million

Fever has contacted our School to send you its scholarship program of excellence for recent graduates or students in the last year.

What does it offer??

6 duration months, Extendable others 6 months and indefinite contract at the end if both parties are satisfied

Full-time: Up to 24.000€ per year

The first 6 months the scholarship will be Face in the offices of the Cortes district of Madrid. The company offers one-way ticket + 2 Weeks of accommodation while looking for accommodation.

3 months of training, 3 months of project and stay in Squads.

Spear 3 Beginnings of this program per year.

The closest ones start: 19 June 2023 (5ta edition), Mid-September 2023, February 2024

For the start of the 19 of June there are 1 vacancy

More details and where to apply:

Keep in mind: As they are scholarships of excellence, the record matters. On its pages it is indicated “be of the Top 10% of the promotion”. If you are interested in, don't exclude yourself because you don't really know which one Top is. 10% of the promotion until it is published later to obtain the Extraordinary End of Studies Award. In addition, Other characteristics are sought and it is necessary to pass an interview. If your average exceeds 8 (Only one reference) you could be there.

Are you interested in the one that starts the 19 June? Do not delay in applying.