Two first-year teams participated in the Ada Byron qualifying competition 2023


Last Wednesday 19 April took place the Regional Multisite Qualifying Competition of the Ada Byron 2023 (Link to previous post).

The Ada Byron Contest is a competitive programming competition for college students that has a regional qualifier phase and a national phase.. Local competitive qualification competitions are held in several regions and other regions are grouped into what is called Regional Multi-Venue..

This year in the Multi-site Regional participated more than 40 Teams 12 universities (

In our School they enrolled 2 Equipment, both of category A (First-year students). In this category participated 11 Teams in total.

Both teams participating in our headquarters did an excellent job, finishing in the ranking of its category in 4th and 5th place, respectively, and in the middle of the table for global ranking what is phenomenal for first-year students.

The contest was organized and run from the national headquarters of the Ada Byron, the Complutense University of Madrid, who acted as regional organizers, problem setters, judges and provided the installation of the automatic judge that evaluates the solutions of the contestant teams.

Our teams enjoyed the contest and the experience, They could have played an exceptional role, which was already very good, reaching even the first or second classified if not for some things, that everything happens in a contest, from unexpected hardware failures, even strategy failures and in this case lack of experience in this type of contest for which you usually have to train in particular for your way of raising the inputs and outputs.

We hope that for the next course many more will be encouraged in different categories and take the University of Valladolid to the place where many expect it for its tradition and legacy in competitive programming.

Miguel Angel Revilla in memoriam