Introducing Comlet Distributed Systems GmbH: Internships in companies, TFG, research


This Wednesday 15 March at 12:00 in the Graduate Hall

Comlet is an expert company in the field of software development for distributed and embedded systems and employs a 100 Computer and Telecommunications Engineers.

Comlet is headquartered in Germany and has offices in several cities. Since November 2022, Comlet also has a headquarters in Valladolid in the UVa Science Park.

In this session the company will be presented, its different divisions and its clients. In particular, Some typical projects and research topics currently under development within the company will be presented..

Finally, Various opportunities for collaboration will be explained and the necessary competencies will be presented. comlet is looking for good graduates in both Germany and Spain and offers internships, TFG and TFMs to students in both countries. If it is particularly suitable, It is also possible to work on research projects, which can also lead to the doctorate.

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