UVa in exposure 60 anniversary of the CIS thanks to Professor Javier Bastida


The opening of the exhibition has been news in the media 60 CIS anniversary (https://www.cis.es/cis/opencms/ES/15-Exposicion60Aniversario/Exposicion/).

Thanks to the website of the museum maintained by the teacher of our School Javier Bastida (https://museo.inf.uva.es/), from the CIS contacted the professor in search of a card punching machine for the exhibition, at that time in preparation, as part of the commemorative events of the 60 CIS anniversary.

Thanks to the excellent work done by Javier Bastida in the recovery, Organization and documentation for the museum, and for all the efforts and contacts to make effective the temporary session of the card punch by the University of Valladolid and specifically the two Schools (ETSIT and Computer Engineering) that houses our building in whose warehouse the machine in question was located.

In the photos you can see a guided tour of the museum held in October (the museum currently has its exhibition distributed among the different teaching laboratories of the School), The card punch in the exhibition of the 60 anniversary of the CIS and the detail of the explanatory card placed in the exhibition next to this machine.