INDat student David Aparicio Sanz wins second prize at the I Datathon UniversiDATA


UniversiDATA is the collaborative Open Data portal specialized in the Higher Education sector. Six universities, among them the UVa joined to convene the I Datathon UniversiDATA.

INDat student David Aparicio Sanz has been awarded the second prize.

The project developed by David is entitled “Study on the access of new students in Spanish universities” and consists of a very complete analytical solution implemented in a Dashboard that squeezes every last data available in the datasets of access to universities to show the user various analyses of interest related to new students:

  • Analysis of the geographical origin of students, geolocated on maps (International: Countries/Continents, National: Municipalities/Provinces/Autonomous Communities)
  • Analysis of access roads
  • Analysis of admission notes
  • Gender bias in degrees
  • Analysis of the impact of geographical origin on admission grades
  • Prediction model of the number of new students by university, Faculty or Degree (Forecasting)
  • Study recommendation model based on socioeconomic data (Gradient Boosting)


In David's work, Most of these analyses can be done individually on a given university/academic year., Evolutionarily, Comparing variation over time, or comparatively, Displaying data from multiple universities simultaneously.

Here is the link to the visualization of the work done by David: