VIII Edition LEXDATUM Conference: Law for ICT professionals


LEXDATUM is an annual meeting forum that brings together lawyers who are experts in ICT law with professionals, companies and institutions in the technology sector to exchange experiences and catch up on the challenges posed in relation to the Protection of the right to privacy.

The theme of this edition will be IoT and Privacy. The possibility of connecting a wide spectrum of networked sensors, Getting data from it and sharing it has opened the doors to a widely connected world, where everyday tasks like regulating a timer for energy consumption can be done from a distance. Connected vehicles, Connected homes, Smart cities and the use of sensors in the industrial sector are examples of this new reality known as the Internet of Things, IoT (Internet of Things). A reality that is gaining ground. One of its great values is the opportunity it offers to collect large amounts of data in a simple way, and share them via the cloud.

Date: 25 in November of 2022 (face-to-face or online)
Place: Salón de Grados Edif. Information Technology and Telecommunications, Campus Miguel Delibes.

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