Kubernetes and Okteto Workshop 101


Next Wednesday 23 in November of 18:30 to 20:30, Javier advantage (Google Developer Expert (Google Cloud) and Software Engineer at Okteto), Alumni of our School, in the classroom 102 will give a workshop that has been promoted and organized by the Google Developer Student Club with the support of the School.

In this workshop you will learn Kubernetes, A platform for automating container operations, widely used in industry IT infrastructures.

We will focus on knowing the Kubernetes primitives on which the rest of the patterns are built and you will learn how to interact with a Kubernetes cluster through its official command line tool (kubectl) and deploy an application from packaging to production.

During execution, we will present Okteto, An open source tool that allows you to put workloads deployed in any Kubernetes cluster into development mode.

Taught by Javier advantage, Alumni, Google Developer Expert (Google Cloud) and Software Engineer at Okteto

Registration and technical requirements