Winners of the Local Phase of EBEC Innovative Design modality


Last 3 in November of 2022 students of the INDat joint program (Computer Engineering+Statistics) Javier Crespo Guerrero, Gonzalo Cubillo Fraile, Oscar Ferrer Domingo and Alberto González de la Plaza were winners of the local phase of the European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) in the Innovative Design modality organized by BEST.

In April they will represent the University of Valladolid in the national phase of EBEC in Madrid.

In the local phase of EBEC, In the aforementioned modality, the challenge of developing a solution was proposed to create an intelligent waste collection system for a house still unbuilt in Valladolid that would also encourage neighbors to recycle and generate passive income.

The team formed by these INDat students proposed the design of a 7 tubes connected to 7 Plastic separation bins, Paper and cardboard,glass, inorganic, animal matter, plant matter and oil and built a model to represent the concept.

Being students of Computer Engineering and Statistics, they immediately related the problem to the world of data.. For this reason, Provided 3 Applications to complete the solution.

The objective of the first application was to encourage recycling among neighbors. For this, the team made a gamification application that through achievements and points, according to the amount of waste recycled, rewards neighbors with a reduction in community fee.

The second application aimed to allow the community administrator to visualize all the data of the neighbors who recycle the most, as well as supervise how full the buckets are and order to clean the tubes.

Finally, The team made an application for the cleaning service of the city, that allows you to visualize a map with garbage cans with high fill rates, a table with the direction of the optimal route for pick-up, and the possibility of activating the function of extracting or introducing a garbage can from a specific house.