Hour of Code 2022


This traditional event returns one more year in our School, which had its first edition in 2014, being held uninterruptedly since then.

This year we have some important format changes.

We highlight some

  • All introductory workshops are held in parallel on Wednesday 23/11 of 12 to 14, But there will be a second pass another day and time for those who want to go to two, or can't that day and time.
  • Advanced workshops are held on other days in the afternoon, coinciding with the GUI Days
  • The introductory workshop to Java Programming is part of the New Student Training program, for those who have already participated in the 3 Previous activities. This is the last, which would complete the recognition of 1 ECTS of that programme,. Other workshops will also be valid to complete this training.

We invite you to read the details and register on the event website:


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