Call for scholarship to be carried out in the TFG


In this way, the call for a scholarship to carry out the TFG within the framework of a European project is published..

The Call for the Scholarship in which the tasks to be carried out and the criteria by which the candidates will be evaluated are described.

In You will find the necessary documents to apply for the scholarship as well as the bases of the call.
By accepting the scholarship it is declared not to receive during the enjoyment of the aid any other incompatible aid or scholarship as indicated in the form:

If you have any questions about submitting the application, write an email to
If the doubts are related to the tasks to be addressed and the requirements that will be especially valued as selection criteria, write an email to
The call will be open during 10 days from the 7 November.
Once the requests have been received, will be resolved before 30 November.
The activity will begin on 1 February's 2023.
The TFG will be conducted under the direction of Professors Yania Crespo and David Escudero.