The Coding Contest is back. Book this date: 11.11.22


The International Programming Competition CloudFlight Coding Contest, known as CCC, RETURN ON 11 from November to the School of Computer Engineering, hand in hand with Cloudflight and GRASP.

We will celebrate the Coding Contest in the room Hedy Lamarr of the Information Technology and Telecommunications Building on Friday 11 November afternoon (The contest starts at 15:00 local time).

It's a playful moment, Competitive and solving programming challenges.

All students and graduates of careers in which the programming intervenes are invited to participate organizing their teams, Although someone could also participate individually is more enriching and fun by teams.

The company GRASP will sponsor the event providing at the end a snack to all participants.

All the information and link to the inscriptions in:

This event with great tradition, suffered its interruption with the pandemic and was recovered in person last year, although with capacity restrictions, Distance limitations, and without being able to offer the final snack. In spite of everything, the allowed capacity of the General Laboratory Professor Agustín De Dios was filled and celebrated with enthusiasm.
This year, Now unrestricted, we want to return to Hedy Lamarr as before the pandemic, Gather many more to challenge each other, To be able to receive prizes and enjoy the final snack together.

Cloudflight will award prizes to winners, through Amazon cards. The School of Computer Engineering will also reward the winners.

GRASP will give a special prize that will be raffled among the participants. A ticket for the draw will be distributed for each team and level passed.
The fun thing about this award offered by GRASP is that anyone (that exceeds at least one level) you can take it It is an incentive for those more beginner participants, even first-year students, who may have more difficulty passing more advanced levels, But for them it is an experience in which they will undoubtedly learn and have fun., In addition to having the possibility of winning in the draw. Almost all participants who try and strive exceed at least one level of the contest.

¡Cheer up!, Join!, ¡Learn!, ¡Enjoy!.