Third prize in Makeathon Béjar 2022


Students of the double degree in Computer Engineering and Statistics (INDat) of the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid (University of Valladolid) Javier Crespo Guerrero, Gonzalo Cubillo Fraile, Javier Estevez Asensio, Alberto González de la Plaza and Pablo Peláez Marín have won the third prize in the Makeathon of Béjar 2022 held of the 14 to the 16 October.

The event was organized by the University of Salamanca and was sponsored by several technology companies.

This team of INDat students developed over the weekend a Business Intelligence application that takes data in real time and with the help of graphs in PowerBI allows to facilitate decision making to avoid desertification.

The project was based on a first stage of prototype development by 3 sensors installed on an Arduino board that collected temperature data, humidity and luminosity. Then, communicated the sensors with the computer and created a database in MySql, to finally show charts organized in dashboards.

The work done is characterized by being low cost, Scalable and fully automated.

Congratulations team! Proud of our students!!