Academic Act of Graduation of the promotion 2022 of the studies of our School


Last 1 of July the Academic Act of Graduation of the promotion was held 2022 of the studies of our School.

The event was chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Teaching Innovation and Digital Transformation Susana Álvarez and the Director of our School Manuel Barrio. He was accompanied in the presidency of the act by the Secretary of the Professional Association of Computer Engineers of Castilla y León Julián Arroyo, also professor of our School, the godmother of the promotion María Aránzazu Simón Hurtado and Mario Santos Serrano, Head of Business Intelligence & Reporting at Openbank, Alumni invited to give the last lesson to the graduates.

In this act, the distinctions were delivered to the graduates and masters as well as the recognition as an extraordinary end-of-career award of the promotion. 2021 to Juan Herruzo and Adrián Manzano of degree and master, respectively. Gabriel Perez spoke on behalf of the graduates.

The pianist Sergio De Diego accompanied the act and gave a brief performance at the end of it.

In the following link you can see the album with the photos taken by the photographer of the University of Valladolid.