Juan Herruzo receives the SISTEDES-NTT Data award for the best TFG on new methodologies and tools for software development


The already Alumni UVa Juan Herruzo Herrero has been awarded the SISTEDES-NTT Data award for the best TFG and TFM on new methodologies and tools for software development. The award has been presented in an act with this purpose as part of the SISTEDES Conference 2022 which have been held in the 5 to the 7 in September of 2022 in Santiago de Compostela.

SISTEDES is the Society of Software Engineering and Software Development Technology. Be part of SCIE, the Scientific Society Informática de España composed of ten companies that work on various areas of Informatics. SISTEDES organizes the annual scientific conferences (the SISTEDES Conference) that brings together the traditional Conference on Software Engineering and Databases (JISBD), Programming and Languages (OFFSPRING) and Conference on Science and Engineering services (JCIS). The award was presented by Alberto Borrego, Director of NTT Data at Galicia+Asturias.

This award in collaboration with NTT-Data, before Everis, already celebrates its sixth edition. In this could be candidates those TFGs presented in the course 2020-2021. The jury in its ruling highlighted the enormous quality of all the works presented.

Juan Herruzo's final degree project was developed within the framework of the H2020 LOCOMOTION project, coordinated by the UVa, in which they participate 14 European institutions. This work was led by Professor Yania Crespo from the Department of Informatics. Juan's work contributed to the implementation and adaptation to the development of an IAM, within the framework of LOCOMOTION, of Software Engineering best practices IAM stands for Integrated Assesment Model, calling a type of scientific modeling that integrates numerous complex aspects such as energy, materials, society, the economy, land and water use, climate, usually used in the analysis of climate change and its impact on humanity. In the case of the LOCOMOTION project, the development of the IAM is carried out following the Dynamics of Systems as a modeling methodology and is implemented using Vensim.

The student did a magnificent job from every point of view, from project management, documentation, technical quality, troubleshooting, initiative, interaction with different stakeholders of the LOCOMOTION project, demonstrating numerous transversal competences and in many areas of Software Engineering. Its development is being used in production with great satisfaction.

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