Start of the course 22/23 and welcome ceremony for new students


The Monday 5 September we started the course at the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid.

If it is your first day attending our School, you must know how to locate yourself in the Miguel Delibes Campus (Bus Line 8).

In the following image of the campus, we see the Information Technology and Telecommunications Building which is the headquarters of both Schools: the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid, and the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers. This building has an E shape as can be seen in the image.

In the image we have marked the path walking, going up the access ramp to the Campus, and the two most common entrances as well as the bus stop. The area of the building where the classrooms of our School are located is also indicated.

The following image shows a plan of the ground floor of the building with the indications that direct you to the classrooms of our School where you will have your first classes. Anyway, if you have any doubts, go ask Concierge (also marked on the map). Classrooms are on the ground floor. The laboratories are on the first floor.


Ground floor:


First floor:


It's very important for the beginning of classes that:

1- tengáis activado y leáis frecuentemente el correo UVa On this page you have all the information:

Currently we are writing to the emails you indicated in the registration process, but in a short time all the emails we send you will be directed to your UVa emails.

Teachers are already contacting you through the UVa virtual campus or the School's virtual classroom. This communication is notified by sending emails to your UVa mail.
Keep in mind that:
to) for the you have to use the UVa corporate identity, UVa username and password
b) for the account is used, username and password, of services of the School

Try in advance that you can enter both pages. All the subjects of the School are being migrated to the Virtual Campus of the UVa and will mostly be followed around, but some exceptions due to different difficulties and particularities will continue to be followed through "classrooms"

2- you have activated the School's services account. This account is necessary to enter the computers of the Laboratories of the School, in and other services. Check this page and follow the instructions if you have not already done so:

3- when you are in the building for the first time, configure the eduroam Wi-Fi network and connect to it with your portable devices. You have this page:

4- that you check well on the School's website ( > Schedule > Classes ) the special schedule of the first week, some laboratories have not yet started and some subjects have reorganized their theory classes to make better use of the first week. It is advisable to review it directly from the web, in case it is updated with any last minute modification, and reload the pdf page just in case.

5- take a look at all the information we have collected for you in:


Welcome ceremony for new students

The Wednesday 7 September, as indicated in the schedule of the first week, to the 12:00 in the Graduate Hall took place on Welcome ceremony for new students. We will take advantage of that common space that we all have in the schedule to greet you, Introduce ourselves, explain some questions of operation of the School and the studies, etc..