The final of the second edition of the League of Legends tournament was held


The afternoon of the day 25 of March the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid hosted the final phase of the second edition of the League of Legends Tournament.

The first edition of this tournament was done in just one day and was online, but this course has been divided into two days with the idea of making the final face-to-face, where the different players have been able to meet and exchange opinions of the game in person, so that the virtual (the game), has gone on to have a touch of face-to-face (play the game).

Just like the qualifying phase, that was celebrated in the past 11 March, during 6 hours of tournament and fun of some 40 players and the more than 100 Followers, the final phase has also been followed through the Twitch channel of the School itself ( and is also available on the youtube channel of the University Group of Informatics GUI ( The broadcast began with a set of interviews, and among the guests were Manuel Barrio and Yania Crespo, the Director and Deputy Director of Students of the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid, and with Juanes Parra, Visual Producer and Community Manager of Unity – the eSports division of the U.D.. Las Palmas-. The event culminated with the awards ceremony, where the School itself, our main sponsor -Five Flames Mobile-, and the Institución Ferial de Castilla y León together with Kaiju -organizers of the Ultralan Gaming Festival, the Valladolid Video Game Fair-, presented the prizes to the winning team and the best players.

That day 25 in March, the final of the Fun LoL tournament was held for the first time., contested between the teams Ankara Barbuda and Neo Club de Lectura, from which came the rival who would play the grand final to the Hopes team&Memes, winner of the first edition of the tournament and already previously classified from the day 11 for the grand final. Finally Hopes&Memes, formed by Rodrigo Hernández Valentín, Carlos De Diego Escribano, Luis Miguel de Frutos Jesus, David Dégano Mayor and Diego Vegas Fernández, of the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers and the Faculty of Medicine, revalidated his title of champion of the tournament against Neo Club de Lectura.

The MVP of the tournament was David Dégano Mayor of Hopes&Memes while Luis López González of Ankara Barbuda was named MVP of the School of Computer Engineering.

The main weight of the organization of the event has fallen into the hands of a group of students from the School of Computer Engineering who are part of the University Group of Informatics of the University of Valladolid, especially worth mentioning the work of Álvaro López Primo, Santiago González Rodríguez and Daniel Gil Gutiérrez, who have relied on Professor José Antonio Caminero Granja and the School's Management Team to take it forward.

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