The Informatics Olympiad officially recognized by the Ministry as the rest of the Scientific Olympics


Last Friday 4 of March was published in the BOE an extract of the resolution that recognizes the Spanish Informatics Olympiad as a national scientific olympiad.

This is the expected recognition of a work of many years of many people who have been behind the Spanish Computer Olympiad and places this Olympiad at the level of the rest of the Scientific Olympics.

To this is added the call for cash prizes granted by the Ministry and, additionally, than in the BOCYL, when the tuition exemptions for the public universities of Castilla y León are included, the medalists in these Olympics convened by the Ministry appear as one of the cases.

The Spanish Informatics Olympiad has more than 20 years being celebrated but had a long tradition only in some autonomous communities.

In Castilla y León we joined last year and this course we have developed the second edition. Precisely this course has managed to celebrate the Computer Olympiad in all the Autonomous Communities and has acquired a commitment to continue which has been decisive in the step taken by the Ministry.

We are all in luck.