School party 2022



The delegation of students of the center and the GUI have prepared a Clash Royale tournament and the second edition of the League of Legends Tournament of the UVa.

For the Clash Royale tournament it is necessary to register at the GUI venue. The celebration of the tournament will be on Thursday 10 starting from the 18:00 in the room Hedy Lamarr.

The League of Legends tournament, organized by the Delegation of The Center and the University Computer Group (GUI), it's only for UVa students, and you can stay in the School channel in (

All details and inscriptions in:

This time the rankings will be made online starting on Friday 11 March at 16:00 and will be extended according to the number of teams registered. But the grand final will be face-to-face on 25 of March from 18:00 in the hall of the Building.

The tournament will be broadcast on the School's twitch channel.

Many thanks to our alumni of Five Flames Mobile sponsoring the Masters LoL tournament for another year.