Virtual tour of ATLAS


The Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit | UVadivulga, the University of Valladolid Science Park and the School of Computer Engineering of Valladolid organize an informative activity in which the student of the Interuniversity Master's Degree in Business Intelligence and Big Data in Cyber-Secure Environments of the Universities of Valladolid, León and Burgos, Inigo Martin, guide a virtual tour of ATLAS, one of the experiments of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) from Geneva, Switzerland. The university community will be able to follow this activity on Wednesday 2 March, of 13:15 to the 14:15 hours about.

ATLAS is a particle detector of 7.000 Tons, located at 100 meters underground. It is one of four detectors at CERN's Large Hadron Collider.. It was precisely with this tool that the existence of the particle known as the 'Higgs boson' in 2012. These results served to explain the reason for the existence of mass in elementary particles..

The virtual tour can be followed in person at the assembly hall of the Information Technologies and Telecommunications building (Miguel Delibes campus) or in this link:

In the case of our School this converts Wednesday 2 of March in a double session activity of the Wednesday Talks program:

to the 12:00 Mlean Talk

to the 13:15 Virtual guided tour of the ATLAS experiment at CERN

each recognized with 1.5h in this program

We hope it is of interest to you.

If you are in the building, join in person in the auditorium.