Mlean Talk. ¿Qué hay ahí fuera?

What types of companies are there and how to choose?
What is working in a product company??
What has the pandemic meant??
What can I expect when the race is over??
During this talk there will be a tour of how everything has changed and we will try to answer these and other questions to shed some light when you finish the race and do not know where to go.
Wednesday 2 from March to 12h in person in the Assembly Hall

With this talk and the virtual guided tour of the ATLAS experiment at CERN on Wednesday 2 March Of The Wednesday Talks Program Becomes a Double Session Activity:

to the 12:00 Mlean Talk

to the 13:15 Virtual guided tour of the ATLAS experiment at CERN

each recognized with 1.5h in this program


We hope it is of interest to you.